SME Development Fund Pracharat


1.Invest  , improve , construct the machine /equipment / vehicle/ software and convenience material ,etc

2.Expense for enhancing the competitive such as  research , product standard , technology ,etc

3.Revolving Fund complied to No.1 or No.2
4.or complied to the committee regulation 


1. Potential  SMEs and Business Size :

1.1.Manufacturing or Service with Thai  juristic , not over 200 employees or asset not included land not over 200 million baht

1.2 Retail and Wholesale with Thai  juristic , not over 50 employees or asset not included land not over 100 million baht

2. SMEs who is juristic person complied to legal especially  company limited , limited partnership and ordinary partnership or complied to the committee

3.SMEs as follows:

            3.1  10 S-Curve Sector or linkage business

3.2 Strategy Business of  province complied to committee

Hence unconcerned business to support are property and immoral

4.SMEs who want to improve business / product /service with higher competition such as standard digital technology ….etc

5. Former or in the process of incubation or increase the knowledge in technology , marketing, management  and financial  in form of group or individual consultant  or receive the award from organization

            In case of non – training must to be trained complied to the committee regulation

6. Single account or intend to single account

7.Non NPLs or Prosecute at the end of apply

8.Non restructuring in 12 months  and good repayment 12 months before applying

9.Non assistance in existing revolving fund as follow:

9.1 SME  Supporting Fund in retail recovery with 1,000 million baht

9.2 SME  Supporting Fund perform to retail recovery with 2,000 million baht

9.3 Revolving Fund to support local and handicraft industry

10. Allow to send financial statement and credit bureau to the fund through the contact

11.Others complied to the committee regulation 

Credit  / Case  

Maximum 10 million baht


Not over 3 million baht / case  75% of total province amount but not over 10 million baht and must be the important strategic 

Interest Rate  

Only 1 % / year through the contact 


Not Over  7 years

Grace period 3 years

Hence considering with necessity and repayment ability




Signing by Managing Director and / or majority shareholder and/or beneficiary from guarantor
In case of  investment in construction or machine to guarantee without appraisal


Call Center 1357