Smart Factoring Single Account


Stimulate economic complied to government policy 

Project Amount

4,000  million baht 

Qualification of Borrower

• Juristic with Thai Share Holder more than 50%
• State Enterprise SMEs more than 1 year
• Non history leave the job or cancel
• Normal repayment
• Non to be juristic person who sell the asset or bankrupt
• Register in VAT
• Good  outcome of  Share holder
• Operation result lacking not over 3 years
• If operation result loss 3 years is able to borrow not over 15 million baht

Qualification of Account Receivable

 Government , state enterprise , government university ,local government  , register with SET or  MAI 

Interest Rate 

Government , state enterprise , government university ,local government and public company

-        Account  Receivable who response assignment ( Check or SME Bank Account) = MFR / year


-        Account  Receivable who didn’t response assignment ( Check on behalf customer= MFR+1 / year . Customer who registered with SET or MAI = MFR +1 / year


Within 31 December 2018 or amount empty 

Buying Condition

Comply to SME Bank’s rule in Factoring 2016 or any future changing 

Considering Condition 

Budget of  Department of Revenue 


Comply to SME Bank’s rule in Factoring 2016 or any future changing . In case of losing at 3 years , charging 10 % of approval  amount or  5% of every assignment until end of condition and mortgage. 


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