Smart Factoring Single Account Phase 3

SMART Factoring Loan (Phase 2)

Objective :  To be a tool to stimulate the economy according to government policy on disbursement as Budget of government agencies, state enterprises, 2020 - 2021

Project Amount  :           10,000  Million Baht  

Borrower Qualification  :

1.To be a juristic person with Thai Nationality holding more than 50 percent of the total shares

2.  Being an entrepreneur of small and medium-sized enterprises for at least 1 year

3.  In case of having a credit line with other financial institutions must not have a history of modification of repayment conditions (DR) and trouble debt restructuring (TDR) in the last 12 months and have a normal repayment history of not less than 12 months on the date of submission of the loan

4.  No history of leaving the job with the private government or being terminated due to failure to comply with the contract or being called to indemnify

5.  Not being a juristic person that has been sold by public auction take care of bankruptcy or being prosecuted in any way (With the borrower signing the status certification)

6.  Registered as VAT Operators (VAT), except those required by law not to be in the Value Added Tax System

7.  Positive shareholder equity

8.  No loss for 3 consecutive years

9.  Not the same person or group of trade accounts receivable

Qualifications of Account Receivables:

Customers with trade accounts receivable that are government agencies State agencies, state enterprises, state universities Local government, public organization companies that are listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand or the Market for Alternative Investment


Interest Rate  :   

In case of Trade Accounts Receivable belonging to government agencies or state enterprises

                • Interest rate at MLR per annum (in the case of customers accepting the assignment of rights)

               • Interest rate MLR + 1 per year (in case the customer does not accept the assignment of rights)

In case of trade accounts receivable which are companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand Or the MAI Stock Exchange or trade receivables that do not accept the assignment of rights

  Interest rate at MLR + 1 per annum

Duration :  The acceptance of the loan is ended by December 31, 2020 or until the total credit limit of the project is expired. Whichever comes first

Proportion of Purchase :

 Credit after delivery Or after the delivery (Post Shipment) in accordance with the Bank of Thailand Regulations on Factoring Loans 2017 or which will be changed in the future

Condition of Purchase:

To be in accordance with the Bank of Thailand Regulations on Factoring Loans 2017 or which will be changed in the future

Conditions for Consideration :  Use the Revenue Department or Por.Por.30 budget to consider the approval of the credit line.

Surety :

To be in accordance with SME Bank regulations, such as guarantors (authorized directors / deposits / securities)