Local Economy Loan


To promote the SMEs in order to increase the income for the local entrepreneurs. Then, lead to the stronger National Macro – Micro Economy. Also supports Tourism, Local Tourism and Related Industry, Agricultural processing. (Food or non - food)


Project Amount

50,000 million baht 


Project timeline

The loan application deadline ends on December 18, 2018 or the Project Credit Line is reached, whichever comes first

Credit Facilities

The maximum limit is 5 million BHT per person.
Ÿ   Individuals up to 2 million BHT
Ÿ   VAT - listed Individuals and Corporates up to 5 million BHT

Loan term

long - term loan of up to 7 years

Interest Rate

3% p.a. for the first 3 years and during the 4th – 7th years are based on MLR.

            Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) and / or Land, Property, Land with Property

Target customers

Ÿ Either Individuals or Corporates

- Agricultural Processing SMEs (Food or non - Food)

- Tourism SMEs, Local Tourism SMEs, Related - Tourism SMEs, Local Creative Industry Village SMEs (CIV)

- New entrepreneur, New Inventor, New Innovator, New Start - up

Ÿ Excluded from the list

            - Policy Loan Program

            - SMEs Transformation Loan Program

Ÿ  New loan for existing or new applicants without any Re - finance history from other financial institutions


Ÿ  Total Credit line of all financial institutions (excluding same business) within 50 million BHT as of loan application date



- Thai Individuals and Corporate SMEs over 50% of the total number of shares held by a person of Thai nationality.
- No Debt Restructuring history within the past 12 months and has a regular Debt Installment history at least 6 installment periods prior to loan application date.
- Individuals shall be DBD – listed by the Ministry of Commerce for Commercial Registration /or the license from the related Government Agencies (Excluded of Non - required Commercial Registration such as Service Industry)

Front - End Fee

-                   - 2.5% of approved loan in case of 100% Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) guaranteed /or TCG and SME Bank guaranteed, especially on Land, Property, Land with Property

-                   - 1.5% of approved loan in case of 100% SME Bank guaranteed, especially on Land, Property, Land with Property


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