SMEs Travel Loan


To support and foster the SMEs entrepreneurs related to Tourism Industry and or Community Tourism Industry, Franchise Industry both Franchisor and Franchisee, Regional and Community Dealers in order to Upgrade the Efficiency and uplift the Liquidity through the low capital resources. Additionally, boost the Provincial Economy on Government policy.

Project Credit Line

        7,500 million BHT

Credit Facilities

- Individuals up to 2 million BHT (VAT registered Individuals) or certified by Government Sectors up to 5 million BHT)
- Corporates up to 15 million BHT (included of the previous credit line up to 15 million BHT)

Loan Term

        Long - term loan of up to 7 years

Interest Rate

-                   MLR for guarantee by Thai credit Guarantee Corporation (TGC)


-                   MLR – 1.5% p.a. for first year, then on MLR – 1% p.a. on SME Bank policy (only Land, Property or Land with Property)


Credit Line Collateral
Up to 5 million BHT Thai credit Guarantee Corporation (TGC) and or SME Bank guarantee on  Land, Property or Land with Property

Over 5 million BHT

Only SME Bank guarantees on Land, Property or Land with Property



1. Being Individuals or Corporates holding Thai Nationality
2. Being SMEs Entrepreneurs in Tourism and Related Support Services and Industry or Community Tourism Industry or Franchise Industry among Franchisor, Franchisee and Dealer.
     2.1.   Tourism and Related Support Services and Industry or Community Tourism Industry
          - Tourist Destination Industry or Creative Innovation Village (CIV) or Community Tourism Industry or “Must – Visit Markets” (Cultural Tourism)
          - Accommodations or Hotels or Entertainment Venues or Resorts
          - Restaurant or Cafeteria
          - Tourist Guide Industry
          - Tourism and Related Support Services and Industry included on Land Transport, Ship Transport, Laundry Industry, Delivery of Raw Materials through Restaurants, Accommodations, Hotels, Fruits And Agricultural Warehouse in order to produce or
                    > Distribute to Tourism Industry or Community Tourism Industry or Tourists
                    > Safety Standard Certificate Company
                    > Souvenir Manufacturers and Distributors
                    > Healthy And Wellness Industry (Beauty And Anti – Aging, Complementary And Alternative Medicine, Spa Industry)
                    > Sport And Recreation
                    > Exhibitors or Organizers promoting the Tourist Destinations
     2.2.   Franchise Industry The Franchisor shall be DBD – listed Company (by Department of Business Development) and be active not less than 1 year. Additionally, be qualified on SME Bank Policy.
3. Being Active SMEs entrepreneurs with not less than 1 year, based on related Government Certificates excluding Franchisee or Dealer
4. According to previous Credit Line from others, the applicant shall be Non – Restructured within the last 12 months and 6 continued scheduled installment debts prior to loan application date.
5. In case of Individuals, it is require for Business Registration by Ministry of Commerce or related Government Sectors.
6.  As of Loan application date, the applicant shall not being NPL