U-Smile 101 enhances vegetables and fruits in the form of innovative nano-powder, serving healthy and easy
17 Apr 2020

U-Smile 101 enhances vegetables and fruits in nano-powder form.
Innovative innovation, serving good health is easy

When the lifestyle of most people in modern times All in the midst of haste Especially working people Makes eating difficult to complete all 5 groups. Therefore, the product "U-Smile 101", innovative vegetable nano powder Come in as an option Easy to eat, convenient, fast and rich in nutritional benefits. When exercising consistently with The good and strong health of people in the 4.0 era may not be within reach.


"Thirawat Wilairat", an executive of Rai Sai Chon 101 Company Limited, a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural processed products, U-Smile 101 (Nano Vegetable Powder), tells about the history of the business that he originally liked and was accustomed to. Already in the field of growing vegetables and fruits in agriculture Until noticed the current consumer behavior has changed What products are easy to eat, convenient, fast, are often popular. Therefore creating ideas for creating more value for vegetables and fruits as well as helping to create a career and income, including farmers in the community By innovating Fresh Nano Veggies into the production process And hit the market for distribution under the brand "U-Smile 101".


"Who choose the innovation of Fresh Nano Veggies for use in the production process Due to vegetables and fruits Is a source of nutrients, vitamins that are necessary for the body Fruit and vegetable processing is therefore a special concern, which the Fresh Nano Veggies innovation can provide. Is the latest technology in the production of processed food in powder form By having a special ultra low temperature drying method Until getting a high definition food powder Is a purifying formula (Purity) or pure from 100% raw materials without flavoring Without preservatives No sugar added, "the owner of the idea said.


The product "U-Smile 101" (Nano Vegetable Powder) is a new dimension in the powdered processed food industry. High resolution Helping the consumer's body absorb nutrients quickly The method of eating is very easy, convenient, anytime, anywhere as needed, such as mixing cold water to drink. Mixed with whey protein or mixed in various foods, etc., can meet the needs of today's consumers as well. Especially working group Student-student That needs speed Support lifestyles that rush with time, including elderly people who need convenience and complete nutrition


Currently, "U-Smile 101" (Nano Vegetable Powder) has 9 products available for sale including Mulberry, Raw Banana, Banana Head, Pandanus, Asparagus, Okra, Broccoli, Golden Ginger and Asparagus with Broccoli It is sold in the form of a jar, priced at 340-890 baht per jar depending on the quantity and type of vegetables used. In which almost 100% vegetables and fruits are sourced from farmers in the community Selected quality, not meticulous World-class safe production, "GMP" standard for producing products, "USDA" for food and organic products in the United States, "vegan" identifies such products as vegetarian food Does not contain any ingredients derived from animals and "HACCP" production standards that have a process to prevent the danger that consumers may receive from food intake.


For marketing methods Because the product is innovative Therefore offline marketing By installing a booth to publicize, introduce products, create awareness for consumers to try And can inquire directly In parallel with marketing through online marketing channels In order to be in line with the behavior of modern consumers such as Facebook, LINE and websites, etc. In the past, consumers have received good responses. The market is continuously expanding.


However, every business can grow strongly. Naturally, there must be friends to support by "U-Smile 101" (Nano Vegetable Powder). There are Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) Bank or SME D Bank, state financial institution. Walk side by side from the beginning of the pregnancy through care and help since it was just a business idea. But the bank saw the opportunity for business Therefore providing full support Both in terms of funding, special interest, and increasing liquidity in the purchase of machinery And giving advice on marketing channels, including inviting to participate in public relations booths at "SMEs D Round 3" at the beginning of the year Which is considered another way to open up new marketing channels


"Future .. I believe the products under the brand" U-Smile 101 "(Nano Vegetable Powder) will be able to grow far forward. Certainly able to hit the international market With outstanding features Maintaining 100% pureness formula, able to meet today's consumer behavior Which will be extended to help support Raise the level of farmers to have income. Workers in the community are employed. Can definitely reduce the congestion of labor in big cities Importantly, it can carry on the career of local farmers to persist forever. "Theerawat concluded



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