Chivawit builds on Thai herbs Report of the occurrence of alcohol gel, hand washin
22 Apr 2020

"Chivawit" extends Thai herbs


Notice of alcohol gel hand washing "L-Anti-Pollution" Anti-Crisis Covid-19

Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus 2019 (Covid-19), the epidemic has spread rapidly in the world Affecting people's lives Entrepreneur group As well as the economic system Thai businesses are also affected, both directly and indirectly, inevitably as well.


But of course every crisis has a chance Thai herb processing business under the brand "Chivawit", so do not miss to seize this opportunity. Apply the basic processing expertise to upgrade Thai herbs Let's break the new product line, "ALGELOGY ANTI POLLUTION", disinfectant hand washing gel. Produced from 95% aloe vera mixed with ethyl alcohol, meeting the needs of consumers in the epidemic of the Covid-19 era.


Mr. Oraprapa Promrangrit, Managing Director of Saint Beauty Cosmetics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the owner of herbal cosmetics under the brand "Chivawit", who has been in the Thai herbal industry for over 14 years, tells the impact of the viral virus crisis, Covid-19. Listen to the epidemic that Since running the business despite some obstacles But not as heavy as this Although the business is in an indirectly affected group But when the consumer behavior and demand of the market stops overnight The amount of orders that had previously dropped unexpectedly. Outstanding products Revolving funds Business limbs are tightened This crisis is very heavy. But will be discouraged and unable to retreat Business must move forward More than 150 family-like employees have to survive. Finally, the belief that .. Every crisis has a chance. If we don't give up, it happens with the "Biological Way".

"Acknowledging that this crisis is like a teacher who guides the business to widen eyes Saw the new marketing perspective Learned that doing business must not stick to a fixed format But always be ready to adjust to the changes Because no one knows whether the future will be more serious than the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus or not. Therefore, after the Ministry of Public Health announced Cosmetics manufacturers can produce alcohol gels. The company therefore sees opportunities to bring strengths in herbal expertise. To innovate, experiment with the use of existing products, develop, enhance, add value, break the new product line as "L-Gel Anti-Pollution" disinfectant hand washing gel


For "L-Gel Anti-Pollution" is a disinfectant hand washing gel that contains Thai herbs which have the main ingredient, Aloe Vera. 95% Ethyl Alcohol, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. "Ethyl Alcohol" used in the production of premium quality grade from Union Chemical and Equipment Company Limited, the manufacturer and distributor of ethyl alcohol at Certified by Food Grade to be safe for the body. Can be used in the production of Cosmetic. Therefore, aside from being a disinfectant hand washing gel, "L-Gel Anti-Pollution" also has properties to help nourish the skin to be soft, moist, retain water in the skin for longer Gentle even on baby skin

In addition, processed products under the brand "Chivawit" have passed the standard inspection. Certification from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Industrial Product Standards (TISI), OTOP Halal, Community Product Standards (GMP), GMP and ISO 9001: 2015, in the past, the product "Biological Way "Is another Thai entrepreneur who has built an internationally recognized reputation. Until receiving many awards from both domestic and international competitions


"When business has adjusted Place the product exactly to the needs of consumers. Price is reasonable. Every target group can easily access. As soon as the product hits the market, the response is very good. There are orders both at home and abroad. Contacted by sales representatives Creating a new marketing channel for the Chivawit brand By release Alcohol gel for washing hands Gel, soap, alcohol, hand washing And alcohol spray, hand washing, ranging in size from 20-4,000 milliliters, with an average price of 20-750 baht only, "said Oraprapha.


Therefore, when the new product line grows in leaps and bounds in this crisis Expansion of production bases to keep up with demand is therefore difficult. Especially working capital But ... the crisis created another opportunity for the "Biological Way" when the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or the SME D Bank, a state financial institution, came to support the funding source to enhance the condition. Business liquidity with special interest rates Through the SMEs Development Fund loan in accordance with the civil state For use in buying machinery Therefore is considered a financial institution of the state that came to help Answers the needs of entrepreneurs at the right point Resulting in the production potential to be more efficient to support the market expansion

Currently, the product group under the brand "Chivawit" has distributors both domestically and internationally in more than 26 countries, available in authentic herbal stores. Leading Modern Trade nationwide And 7-Eleven nationwide And there are more than 300 products, which are beauty and health products, both inside and outside, such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, coconut oil, body massage oils, herbal compress balls, products from cocoon oil Aloe vera gel etc.

"Business plan after this Aiming to expand the product to reach the most consumer groups. Through sales at a comprehensive price Which will help customers choose to buy products more easily and conveniently By striving to be a product that occupies the hearts of Thai people If thinking about quality Thai herbal processing products, think of "Biological Way" and if thinking of disinfectant hand sanitizing gel products that help prevent the cocov-19 virus. Complete with nourishing the skin. I would like to think of "LG Anti-Pollution" in response to the crisis in this way of life for sure. "Oraprapha Conclude