SME Development Bank collaborates with 4 allies creating local product standard to lead Kai Yang Kao Suan Kwang Model upgrade to 4.0 standard
08 Feb 2018

SME Development Bank collaborates with OSMEP, Food Association, Central Lab and Ministry of healthy  upgrading local SMEs to point “ Kai Yang Koa Suan Kwang “ by creating 4.0 restaurant model .

 Mr.Mongkon Leelatham ( President)  mentioned that the core of  task 2018 is MSME Development  or micro SMEs for upgrading local economy . So the important and urgent things is developing the operator to be standard and upgrade as well as expand market widely . The bank will support fund with knowledge. Hence for emphazing the progressive of laying .

The bank classified the area into region and  leading area is Kao Suan Kwang collaborate to develop : 1.Product Standard to inspect quality and certificate to each manufacturer  with the purpose of customer confident 2. Develop keeping or long lasting product duration due to transfer to other area by expanding CLMV market and 3. Develop restaurant with healthy standard . SME Development Bank see this weak point and then upgrade to be standard ,clean food , improve  toilet and support revolving fund as well as others. The result of interesting from entrepreneur development more than 50% from 100-200 restaurant. The bank will prepare the package to retail  70,000 million baht divided to 3 project : 1) Local Economy Loan with 50,000 million baht by helping tourism , local tourism and transformation agriculture not over 5 million baht , 1 – 3 years = 3 %  free TCG fee 1-4 years 2) SMEs recovery and enhancing for small operator with 8,000 million baht , interest rate 1 % and 3)  Factoring with 12,000 baht not over 15 million baht with promotion 7:1:0 by 7 is ready to approve credit loan in 7 days , 1 is 1 day disbursement and 0 is fee of debt collecting . In addition, the bank is also support mass product with Vacuum sealing machine by extending expired period 15 days. From the data discovered that the average of vacuum sealing = 50,000 – 60,000 baht. Koa Suan Kwang has only 2 machine if investing in group , the business will expand to new market “ At the present, there are 2 customer : 1) Bua Tong ( Ms. Chantarawan  Sudatip) with 100,000 baht and 2)  Nong I Phone ( Ms.Patcharee U tard with 50,000 baht from analysis not over 200,000 baht / case. The bank guideline to develop is support the restaurant with healthy without changing life style but selecting the unique with country style, spicy food that should be reserved” Mr. Mongkon mentioned.