Somkid Khwang Utam knocked the gift package for SME launching 2 measures to strengthen the small SME into the cabinet.
06 Dec 2018

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry order to expedite summary of measures to help SMEs propose to the cabinet . Keeping up as a new year gift. Tap 2 measures of the rehabilitation fund to give people the opportunity to trap money. People used to struggle to build a new career. And maintain the existing business of 1,800 million baht and special loans to help increase liquidity in the wholesale and retail chains of all grocery stores. Lean the government to take care of entrepreneurs and all groups of people fully. Expecting hundreds of thousands of small SMEs


Mr. Somkid Jatusripitak Deputy Prime Minister said that today (6 December) made an appointment with Mr. Uttam Sawangnoon, Minister of Industry. As supervising the SMEs And the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME Development Bank came to the meeting to expedite the conclusion of the assistance measures for SMEs entrepreneurs to present to the Cabinet (Cabinet) to consider immediately  for giving  as a new year gift from the government to the SMEs entrepreneurs across the country which today is considered clear with 2 measures together; separation is a matter that helps the business group to stumble but still go on which will be part of the capital to start a new business with a small retail chain wholesale shop Blue Flag Shop in the community Agricultural products stores, etc. This group requires a certain amount of working capital to purchase products to enter the shop during the New Year festival.


Mr. Uttam Sawangnan, Minister of Industry, said that both measures are part of the strengthening policy of the Ministry of SMEs. About the SMEs Restoration Fund, the amount of 1,800 million baht Is the collapse of the two funds remaining from OSMEP to be adjusted to be suitable and flexible by giving to the Bank of Thailand, which has branches in all provinces nationwide as the operator Which need to be presented to the cabinet for approval .The main principle is to help SMEs "fall and get up" again. Each aid fund must have no interest to burden the entrepreneur. The installment period must be long enough for the business to recover.


"Anyone who's still fighting Ready to get up again, we will help fully. And we didn't help only at the beginning But will help strengthen all the way Which the Bank of Thailand has given out non-financial assistance measures Both the financial knowledge that SMEs need to know Marketing assistance to sell products business improvement using technology to help increase efficiency and other necessary issues, "Mr Uttam said.


For special loans, help adjust, upgrade sales methods, help wholesalers, retailers, small grocery stores. In a community that has hundreds of thousands of products, selling various products is essential to the community. By adding liquidity to purchase ready-to-sell products during the New Year and Chinese New Year holidays Each shop uses a small amount of money. 200,000-300,000 baht, but will cause economic turnover in the community for 5-7 rounds which, if included everywhere, is considered to create tremendous economic value for the country


Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, SME Development Bank Managing Director, said today that it was honored by both Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry Please come to hear the summary of the measures that will be presented to the Cabinet urgently. In order to give a new year-end gift to welcome the new year to Thai SMEs, including the extension of the Local Economy Loan program  Which is about to expire on 18 December 2018 and has a remaining amount of 35,000 million baht. Or until the total credit limit is reached Along with expanding the target group of this loan from the agricultural processing group Tourism business And have innovation By adding wholesale and retail groups, grocery stores, community shops, Thong Fah stores, agricultural products traders under the name of Pracharat State Project to strengthen trade to communities To enhance strengthen Change, upgrade, use technology, pinpoint to the world, to be on the digital road, increase the value of processing, sell by yourself, set the price by yourself The goal is to support the wholesale retail business to reach this credit for every district throughout the country. Which will lead to the creation of jobs, generate income at the community level, including linking with the public money bag system of the Ministry of Finance And the Ministry of Commerce - Hybrid As well as developing a collective purchase system via Thai postal mail To reduce the cost of the grocery store as well as with private partners Various state enterprises, PTT Oil and Retail Public Company Limited as the management of gas stations, PTT Station and other state financial institutions in order to promote the full range of Thai SMEs, such as training, knowledge, expanding marketing channels, matching business and upgrading product standards, etc.


In addition, the SME Development Bank will propose the Cabinet to consider setting up a civil government project to create opportunities for small people to fall. And funds to recover SMEs of OSMEP. Come together By assigning the SME Development Bank to be a co-managing unit to fund The objective is to help SMEs who are financially trapped, repaired to be strong, such as having problems with payment history. Therefore unable to access the loan of a commercial bank or having problems with lack of liquidity, etc., to get a chance to start a new career again The approval of the loan will be based primarily on the ability to repay debt from the new loan.


For the Pracharat state project to create opportunities for small people to fall and get a loan limit of not more than 100,000 baht per person. The term of the loan is 7 years without interest. Divided into preliminary funds for emergency assistance of 50,000 baht and if there is a good debt payment for not less than 6 months, the capital will be raised for another 50,000 baht. After that, when the business has done good results Correct login And want to expand or expand the business Can use the special interest loan service of SME Development Bank to increase the capital to the maximum of 1 million baht. It is expected that there will be about 30,000 beneficiary operators


Mr Mongkol added that The Bank has upgraded its work through the SME D Bank platform, allowing SMEs across the country to easily access funds anytime, anywhere. In addition, this platform also includes more than 150 tools for business tools and more than 1,000 e-libraries. Helping SMEs learn to keep pace with new technology by themselves. When combined with providing services to the locals of the horse car mobile service unit, fill the capital to promote Thai SMEs to quickly reach the place. And financial measures to be submitted to the Cabinet for consideration above Believe that it will be a gift to support Thai SMEs, increase their potential, increase income, reduce expenses, reduce inequality can grow strong and sustainable