SME Development Bank of Thailand warns taxi drivers not to believe that fraudulent loans are approved. Hug TAXI
10 Jan 2019

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director , Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand ( SME D Bank) rrevealed that from the bank open for taxi drivers Attending the intention to join the "Hug TAXI" project to strengthen Thai taxis from December 27, 2018, past .It appears that he has received a lot of attention, which is now reported to have found a random phone call to find a taxi driver impersonating a SME officer to inquire about personal information about the need to buy a new car And claiming that they can help to obtain credit approval for the project .The bank would like to inform all taxi drivers that At this time, the Bank does not have a policy for direct phone officers to inquire about information, including no special privileges for any loan approvals. For those interested in joining this project Only request to receive information from the bank directly By being able to express their intention through the SME D Bank application, the bank website ( and facebook bank (facebook: SMEDevelopmentBank) or call 1357 for more information.