The Rose Farm, Sommit business of the big boy, blinking startup in retirement
15 Jan 2019



Although retiring from regular work but "Sommit Jantarasuksan", the 61-year-old big boy still has full working lights. Choose to start a career path again in the role of farmers Farm to grow roses at Mae Sot District, Tak Province by placing a target to generate income Increasing stability and important, fulfilling a good quality of life, not wilting with time


Sommit said that he had previously worked in finance at Chonburi before retiring from a regular job. Start planning for life after retirement, for example; saving money and property to support life in Phan Thip, the main reason that has to decide to pursue a new career after retirement seriously  when the youngest son falls ill Need to spend the money collected to spend a lot of treatment. When calculated Remaining money Not enough to raise himself until the end of his life.


So he decided that after retirement from a regular job Will have to move forward to build their own business by choosing to do a rose-planting farm at Mae Sot District, Tak Province, due to their basic preference for agriculture , personal health is still strong And then evaluate the surrounding factors Ua will help to be able to succeed in business.


"My brother has experience in agriculture Up to pioneer the agricultural business at Mae Sot district for many years together with the remaining land of relatives Ready to make farming. In addition, I saw that Mae Sot district has economic potential. To be the source of important roses in the country.There is a market to support the purchase already. So I decided to come up to do a farm to grow roses. With a brother as a consultant, including myself, to find out more”


He recalled that the initial investment in building a rose farm business was about 2 million baht, partly as a private capital, and another part used credit services from the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D. Bank by going to contact yourself Which the bank staff gave advice "Loan to build a veteran career" Therefore, he interested Because of this credit opportunity for entrepreneurs Can recover up to 75 years old which is very suitable for him.Therefore, he decided to use the service prepare documents according to the advice of the staff. The procedure is not very complicated. Not too long receiving credit approval.


The new farmer said that he embarked on building a rose farm. From adjusting the area, placing the water system and down the rose tree , planted on an area of approximately 20 rai with marketing channels. Cut fresh roses Delivered by the market, important flowers such as  Pak Khlong Talat, etc., averaging about 5,000 flowers per day and the future intends to experiment with growing other fruit crops to help open new markets And studying the product processing, besides wanting to expand the online market as well.


Even if it is a new entrepreneur But with a long experience of working regularly Sommit is applied in agricultural career such as every morning there will be a meeting with the employee on the farm. To summarize the problems of the past days to be solved, including dividing the daily work duties to achieve maximum efficiency Prioritize work What should I do first or later? Like fertilizer If not removing the grass first The rose tree will not benefit from the maximum fertilizer.


"My daily life today wakes up from hit 3-4, traveling out of the house to the ranch Starting from the survey to see that There is nothing on the farm that has not yet been done or not finished or need to do.Then about 8 o'clock, will call the workers on the farm, which now has 8 people to discuss and dividing work . After that, I will work like accounting or going out to contact the customer until about 5 o'clock, then go home, go to bed about 3-4 pm, which comes to do their own business. What I think is different from being the most employed is that we have to think all the time. Because it is our own business, "Sommit stated.


Before the retirement date of the regular work Feeling a little frightened Afraid that he would be lonely and sad. The more you have to eat, sleep, and the more afraid you will feel worthless until becoming stress .So today, when looking back at the decision to become a new entrepreneur Even in retirement For him is considered worth because it has opened up many new life experiences and more importantly helps to feel yourself valuable even though it's very old


And for others Which is moving towards retirement from regular work, he said that there should be a life plan in advance such as choosing an investment with sufficient return Or have enough savings to save money for living in the end For those who choose to be a new entrepreneur. Age is definitely not an obstacle. If analyzing various risk factors carefully, having good management Bring the past experience to work for the benefit. Believe that it helps to be successful in business.


"Workers often complain about stress, but I think stress is normal for workers. If left blank, don't work, don't stress at all. It's like life without value. Therefore, the old man who came up to work, I think it makes us have a goal in life again, help to throttle potential always use ideas. For older people, if there is a channel, there is an opportunity to evaluate the business that will do so that the risk is not small, there is a market and our body is still able to do it. I cheered that Should be a new entrepreneur in the old age, "Sommit concluded.