”Chompalang Farm”, an organic farm rich in innovation The business of the 29 year old girl
10 May 2019


Adhere to the principle of "agriculture" on the basis of "organic", relying on nature, being friendly to the environment With continuous development using innovation To add value This is the heart of business driving. "Chomphu Farm" by a young business owner, just 29 years old. Another model of the new generation who chose to return home. For agricultural career Can prove success from both business And the environment


Back about about 10 years ago, "Chom Kwan Hansarachon" or "Chom" was still a student in agricultural science. Kasetsart University Which had attended the earthworm training course with Mr. Somchai Chansawang to know the benefits of the earthworm fertilizer that is suitable for planting all kinds of trees Meet the environment And most importantly, safe for health Even after graduation Decided to go back to his hometown, Chonburi, and bring knowledge to pioneer the earthworm farm business.


"At that time, making earthworm fertilizer is still very new. The family and friends helped to pioneer the earthworm farm business. In order to make a fertilizer for the earthworm for sale, use the brand name "train", which from the properties of the earthworm fertilizer that is highly flaky Trees can absorb nutrients well. And can be used with all types of trees while Chonburi is a tourist city There are many hotels. And want to use good quality fertilizer to plant trees, decorate the place Making our fertilizer very well received There are tens of thousands of sales per month. "Chomkwan reveals the ladder of birth.


The 29-year-old girl stated that since counting one business The thing that is always taken is to make the product to be special, create a unique Know How from using "innovation" to add value, reduce costs, expand markets and avoid competition.


"From the first moment that we were pioneers in making earthworm fertilizer, until later, there were various manufacturers. Making out a lot of sales, making fertilizer for the general market The price competition is very fierce. Enabling us to add innovation Continuously develop new products by using science knowledge learned. Including to study the latest additions to make premium grade organic fertilizers Penetrate the middle and upper market By finding other local ingredients To replace coconut flakes Which has a higher cost than can be achieved, takes a trial and error for over 2 years, can be a "fermented soil to fill the air". The property is an organic fertilizer that works as fast as chemical fertilizer. Suitable for planting all kinds of trees, with complete N-P-K (N-nitrogen, P-phosphorus, K-potassium) and production costs are not very high "


In addition to developing new products Chomkwan broke the top agricultural business in relation to Especially important steps Big investment Move the farm location Come to rent a new place, size over 10 rai, at Pong Subdistrict, Banglamung District, Chonburi Province, to open a fully integrated organic farm named LK Lank Organic fertilizer plant that is the original main business More Good mood chicken farm Organic vegetable salad plots, mushroom cultivation, etc. Organize earthworm training courses for those interested in bringing to the past more than 20 times in the past and developing a place to learn organic farming for youth. To convey the concept of agriculture that relies on nature Able to be successful in business And good for the environment


"Jom believes that doing agricultural business in the future Must focus on increasing value added, reducing costs by being organic Respond to health and environmental love trends The investment in integrated farming Received support from SME D Bank (Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand) with a project to upgrade the community economy. Promoting agricultural business Match our objectives Causing working capital to run business Which is in the process of developing the organic learning center for youth Expected to be fully opened in the middle of this year. "


Chomkwan's business heel Starting from pioneering the production of earthworm fertilizer Continuous development By using knowledge to elevate Increase product value And going forward To a new generation of organic agriculture that not only benefits itself from the community, society and environment Also benefit

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