“Asterisk Espresso”, the heir of the 4th generation, continues the ancient coffee legend. SME D Bank adds the first capital, creating a business that creates a complete coffee empire.


Roasted coffee beans, “Nai La Coffee”, named after the pioneer, have been passed down from generation to generation. Evolving from ancient coffee to a full-service coffee business operator, managed under Osmosis Coffee Company Limited, which includes a coffee bean production factory. and a coffee shop “Asterisk Espresso” in Phuket province, as well as raising the level of opening a course to transfer knowledge to those interested in opening a coffee shop, with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SMED) or SME D Bank as the leader. Supporting the promotion of capital for liquidity and becoming a true coffee business professional.

“Kittipop Engchuan” or “Future”, the heir of the next generation The 4th generation who carry the determination to drive the family business to greater success.

He told me that The picture I saw from childhood was my grandfather laboriously roasting coffee beans in the basement of the house. The equipment includes only one pan. The smell of freshly roasted coffee spreads in all directions.  This impressive picture. Create a bond for every member of the family, generation after generation, to come and mingle. and help each other continue, just like his own grandchildren. After graduating, he focused on the role of business successor. By clearly dividing the business sector into 2 parts: the production department and the storefront.

Nai La Coffee, more than 60 years ago, was an ancient, strong-flavored coffee roasted and brewed for sale in the basement of a house. In this era, there has been a shift towards production and distribution of fresh coffee. Its subsidiary is Osmosis Coffee Company Limited, which has Mr. Future. rigged Develop a standardized production factory Along with transferring knowledge to those interested in building a career. And not only that, they also opened a storefront to sell fresh coffee that gives a taste that coffee lovers cannot miss, under the name of the shop “Asterisk Espresso”

“Our business is a cartel. Since my grandfather’s generation began roasting coffee beans through a pan. Then brew it and sell it. I remember when the price was 7 baht per bag. Later, there was a bottled form for restaurants to sell again. Until moving to a more industrial format There is a roasting factory that meets GMP standards in Chachoengsao province. which I began to operate as a supplier Bring coffee to sell in various shops. Make your own quotation Contact customers yourself Plus online marketing Products become more widely known So it came to the point where there was a need for a showroom. to test coffee and create a customer service storefront.”

From the production base in Chachoengsao Province, when the idea to open a storefront arose. Phuket Province is the desired location Because it is estimated that there is a fairly large customer base. But what will drive your business towards your dreams? That is capital. If you go back 4-5 years ago, Mr. Future was still a young and energetic person. Not much business experience It is difficult for general financial institutions to approve loans. But determination drives the business to full growth. The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank sees Therefore, he extended his hand to support the first loan amount of 500,000 baht, until later increasing the credit limit to develop the store into further growth.

“If you don’t get that money, The planned plan may not work as desired. Because capital is very important. Especially the cost of equipment who later asked for additional loans Makes business easier It is according to the potential that was hoped for. It is clearly separated, that is, the raw materials are under the name Osmosis Coffee, which later expands its training work for those interested in coming to learn. We don’t just teach how to make coffee. But it is about providing knowledge about the coffee shop business. By using coffee shop management experience as a guideline. Always giving advice and being a consultant, Osmosis Coffee is like a friend to customers.”

From production in the area under the house  at present become a standard industrial factory There is a proportional storefront. from one pan Coffee bag and antique coffee maker It has become a coffee roaster, maker, modern equipment. Hiring employees who must have specific expertise By sending them to learn and including entering competitions to guarantee the quality of the baristas. As for services, they must adapt to the lifestyles of people in this era.

Consistency is one of the keys to running an Asterisk store. Espresso is open every day, with clear opening and closing times. Until customers remember it well, comes with quality products and services, even during the COVID-19 situation, still supporting the coffee shop business to survive. By changing the store format Move the customer service point to an outdoor zone, open and comfortable, and move the bar to make drinks outside. In addition to being appropriate for the situation, it also gives customers the opportunity to take photos with beautiful garden-style corners in such situations. Even though income decreased But it didn’t fall precipitously.  All employees still came to work. and receive full wages

And after the COVID-19 situation resolved, coffee shops became a sought-after business. Giving impetus to more people interested in taking this path. The company, therefore, continues to create opportunities for those interested to gain knowledge about running a professional coffee shop business. To date there have been more than 100 people joining, with 70 percent coming from Phuket province.

“The core of the business I have planned is to sell special coffee. Along the way, there will always be voices asking questions. Why isn’t there a menu other than coffee to choose from? So few cakes, but I’m confident in my essence. It’s about creating a strategy in my own way. which is enough to make the picture in your head so clear We will aim with direction. And in the end, customers will remember that If you want to drink coffee, you have to come to Asterisk. Espresso”    Business Heir Generation 4 concludes.

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