“Ban Na Kang Tong” resort on rice fields Nan city center Pin a new landmark Natural check-in all year round

“Ban Na Kang Tong” resort on rice fields Nan city center
Pin a new landmark Natural check-in all year round

Resort and cafe style wooden house, modern design, chic. located in the middle of the rice field surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature Plus, it’s convenient to travel. because it is close to the center of Nan city This is a prominent point, giving wings to “Ban Na Kang Tong”, a new business in Nan province, to be rapidly popular. Preparing to be another landmark of Nan province that can check in naturally all year round.

Nawee Tengtrairat and Ployphatcha Hanyut, a new generation of young people The real descendants of Nan are the initiators of this beautiful resort cafe.

“This land belongs to my family. I used to use it to grow rice. Personally, I had a dream of making a cafe. In addition, the land here is in a very good location, only about 10 kilometers from Nan city center and the airport, but it is rich with nature. If you can find an atmosphere like this Tourists must travel to Bo Kluea District or Pua District, so I came up with an idea to consult with my family. Bringing our land to develop into a resort and cafe with outstanding natural beauty. and convenient to travel,” Nawee shared his inspiration for the creation. “Ban Na Kang Tong”

From a total area of over 39 rai, about 10 rai have been allocated to create a resort and cafe. By having a skilled worker like “Wiroj Chimmee”, a famous architecture came to do the design work and named it “Ban Na Kang Tong”, meaning a house in the middle of the rice field Emphasis is placed on a modern style wooden house. raise the platform high in the field The distinctive feature is a circular wooden bridge located in the middle of the resort. Connecting between the lobby, cafe, walking to the house Currently, there are 9 digits in different styles, such as Ban Rim Bueng, Ban Than Nam Sai. Baan Na Kiang Dao Ban Ruang Khao and Ban Absila, etc. Accommodation prices start at about 3,500 baht per house, while the cafe offers coffee and bakery drinks, all of which use local agricultural products.

As for the important factor about “funding” that helps to make dreams come true The young business owner said that at that time, the government by the Ministry of Industry There is an SME development fund project along the civil state line. Supporting low-interest loans of only 1% per year for Thai SMEs through the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank, therefore offering a business plan And has been considered a fund of 10 million baht, helping to have funds to be used for construction until the end.


“Many people often say that SMEs are difficult to access funding sources, but for me, it’s not difficult at all if we have good preparation. Have a clear business plan The bank is already ready to support. which this fund come at the right time When we have to invest Make the project successful as intended, ”Nawee said.

“Ban Na Kang Tong” opened in early November 2020. which was before From the first wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, it continues to affect tourism-related businesses. Just in case Customers may not meet their goals, but what really happened reverse Tourists from all over the country flocked to visit until it was crowded. Plus help to continue sharing in the online world. Helping Ban Na Kang Tong to become known to the wider community quickly.

“Before the actual opening We have done publicity through social media, including many travel bloggers and YouTubers to write reviews. Because I haven’t traveled for a long time When we actually open the service A lot of customers plus people who have arrived I will continue to tell you. The response was even better,” said Nawee.

However, the honeymoon period of business Happened just over a month when the outbreak of COVID-19 New wave at the end of last year There are measures to prevent the spread. Tourists cannot travel to Nan, therefore, business needs to be adjusted. using this time Review past experience in doing business. to fix past deficiencies and prepare Supporting tourists will come back again outside the COVID situation has resolved. In addition, SME D Bank also helps to support continuously by approving “extra cash small loans” to help have working capital. and expanding the business of building more villas as well


two business owners He added that in the past, most people would come to Nan for only about 4 months, which is the end of the year to the beginning of the year. Therefore, the planned business plan wanted “Ban Na Kang Tong” to be a tourist attraction that could be visited throughout the year. year which will change the atmosphere within the resort With different farming practices, such as after the farming season Switch to planting other crops instead. for tourists who will return repeatedly will always experience a different atmosphere. In addition, develop the remaining areas for agriculture, such as growing coffee, etc., in order to bring the products to be processed into products to be sold further.

coupled with building a brand “Ban Na Kang Tong” is another important landmark of Nan Province. Anyone who visits Nan Must not miss visiting this resort as well. along with taking photos and checking in to collect the impressions back Including helping to spread the word This will enable the business to grow continuously and sustainably.

Contact Tel. 086 654 4564 , FB: Baan Na Kang Tong


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