“Charom curry paste” Trang curry paste Serving hotness in 13 countries around the world. SME D Bank is the first bank to provide opportunities. Side by side with business grow up together

“Charom curry paste” is The curry paste business in Trang Province is operated by a small family with only 4-5 workers and sold at the flea market. before passing the baton to the second generation heir to continue the business Upgrading homemade curry paste to an international standard factory Create opportunities to sell in department stores and contract manufacturing (OEM) for large food manufacturers Ready to take Thai curry paste international and export it to 13 countries around the world.



From the first step of doing business, the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank is at your side. Always promoting and supporting, adding capital, knowledge, as well as providing advice and guidance until the small business of that day has grown strong today.


Who would have thought that curry paste in a basin was sold in a flea market? Will be able to make sales of up to 40,000 baht per day. The impression comes from the voice of Ms. Chutima Aliae, Managing Director of D&G Food Supply Company Limited, producer and distributor of curry paste. To her mother-in-law “Kesorn Aliae” or “Ja Rom” who gave birth to “Ja Rom Khrueng Kaeng” in 1986.


Ms. Chutima said that she personally graduated with a bachelor’s degree in food science (Food Science) and a master’s degree in business economics. It made me see an opportunity to push forward my husband’s family business. Grow further than this So we started by looking at a new market. Not in the flea market But it is about elevating yourself to a leading department store. Make up that time There is a new department store opening in Trang Province and would like to sell local products. This gives businesses the opportunity to sell curry paste. It has received the attention of many consumers.


“Success that happens It all comes from the effort and opportunities received. Going to sell at the department store at that time sold so well that I was approached to sell in Phuket. I admit that it was a good opportunity. This is the first time traveling far from home for “Ja Hom Khrueng Kaeng” and is ready to do marketing and public relations. Use the method to make small bags of curry paste and distribute them at restaurants. to create awareness But that period did not receive much attention. Therefore, the place of sale was changed. Choose a local department store in Phuket Province and receive a good response. From 30 bags, orders increased to 300 bags in less than a day. and increased to 700 kilograms, and today, Krom Curry Paste continues to deliver products for sale at 1,500-2,000 kilograms per week for 18 years now.”

It took us only 3 years to make curry paste available for sale all over the country. It is also a form of sales. It doesn’t have its own packaging yet. Until when deciding to move away from home production Come invest in buying land and setting up a large factory that meets standards. Their market has changed again.


The highlight of Ja Horm Khrueng Kaeng comes with the standard. With a modern international factory, for example, products that are vacuum packed (vacuum pakaging) can last for 1 year without refrigeration. Standards including FDA, GMP, HACCP and higher are BRC Global Standards, international standards for safety. food safe It is of the highest standard and allows us to export to Europe.”


Currently, curry paste is exported to 13 countries around the world. We are behind production factories and food brands both in Thailand and abroad. that are sold all over the world From production capacity of 500 kilograms to 1 ton per day and currently producing approximately 5 tons per day, which is not yet at full capacity. Can still produce approximately more. 40% from a small business selling in the flea market, today “Ja Hom Curry Paste” has become a business of 100 million baht. Sold throughout Thailand and sent to the world market. There are products including curry paste. Ready to Cook curry paste and Ready to Eat food

Chutima believes that the key to business success able to grow up to this day Honesty to customers Focusing on quality, standards, and most importantly, never giving up, using Ma’s determination. Even though now you have passed away But it is still an encouragement for us to continue to develop our business without stopping. Ready to continue developing products.


Success that has occurred Comes with important partners Since the day the business started, SME D Bank has been the first bank to provide support. Since the curry paste is prepared It is still a small business and is like the lifeblood of the business. Other financial institutions may only give you a certain amount, but SME D Bank stands by our side and grows together. Also known as Growth Together He lets us grow together. Don’t leave me alone. And along the way, when there is training Or any new and interesting projects that will always be recommended. So that we are ready to adjust our business. Receive consumer needs exactly to the point




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