“Etan4U” the ultimate Thai E-Tan car, beautiful, strong, with SME D Bank standards joining the route. Supporting businesses to meet all needs.


When talking about manufacturers and distributors “Agricultural use vehicles” or what is familiarly known as “E-Taen vehicles” in Thailand. An outstanding one that stands at the forefront of the industry. Must point to “E-Taen 4 You Company Limited” in Phetchaburi Province. With more than 40 years of expert experience, in-depth knowledge of every step, able to produce cars that meet customer needs. Very suitable for actual use. Comes with professional production standards. They have excellent after-sales service and, most importantly, are always honest and sincere to their customers. Helping businesses to emerge and grow continuously. In addition, there is also SME D Bank, a bank for Thai SMEs. Become a partner along the business journey Enhance the potential of your business to move forward with strength without interruption.



E-Tan For You started business about a year ago. 1979, based on the intentions of Mr. Sitthi Chansaenroj and Ms. Suda Chansaenroj. who want to produce good quality E-Tan cars for Thai people to use at economical prices



Khun Suda, a strong woman of 70 years old, recalled her memories. Even though I am a woman, I really like cars. In the beginning, I bought old cars and dismantled them to take them apart.  Learn from real experiences. Until having basic knowledge of automotive mechanic work at the expert level Even the male technicians were amazed.



“Over 40 years ago. Farmers had to use carts to drag the harvested rice to store in the granary. We started by buying an old car. Come dismantle it, leaving only the structure. Then sell it to farmers to make rice carts. At that time, they sold for just over ten thousand baht per car. Later, we developed and assembled them into ready-made cars that could be used right away. By taking the needs of customers as the basis. What kind of car does he want? We have to do it.  The more we do it, the more we learn. and developed more,” Ms. Suda told us about the business in the beginning.



E-Tan vehicles are of good quality, fair price, and the customer has ordered and is satisfied. Because the manufacturer has responsibility Always taking care to provide excellent service. Word of mouth spreads, causing the business to continue to grow. and continue to develop into the production of multi-purpose vehicles for use in various formats by adding more modern systems and technology accordingly. Whether it is a crane-mounted E-Tan truck, a sightseeing tour vehicle, a sightseeing trailer, a front-drive dumper truck, a dump truck, a front-pour dumper truck, a dump truck installed without mixing cement. Plastering, side-dumping dump trucks, etc.  from farmer groups. It has also expanded to other customer groups such as government agencies, private companies, hotels, and educational institutions, etc.




business path of “E-Taen For You” during the first 20 years Pioneered by the generations of father and mother Until it was born and the pile was successfully placed in the market. And when his son, “Khun Phet Chansaenroj”, came to continue helping to raise the business to the next level. The key is to create “standards” systematically. Ready to adjust the appearance of the E-Tan car that perfectly combines beauty with strength.



Khun Phet added that In the beginning of the mother’s era Production buys old cars and modifies them. which often has major problems When customers buy a car Bring it back for repairs. It’s very difficult to find genuine equipment or spare parts for old models. You have to search around Xiang Kong stores or sometimes you have to bring nearby equipment to modify. Both time consuming and high cost When coming to help the family business Therefore, the production model has been adjusted. It is an assembly of a completely new car. With my own team of technicians



In addition, rebrand to be catchy. From the beginning, the name of the business was “Paiboon Phetchaburi Limited Partnership”  changed to “E-Taen For You”  To indicate your own identity clearly This is an E-Tan vehicle that is specifically designed for each customer.


“Our cars will have 3 main groups. Including 1. Vehicles used in agriculture 2. Vehicles used in construction and 3. Recreational and tourism vehicles. Each car group has a basic model. But the details of each car will be different According to the specific needs of each customer, therefore, before producing for customers There will be a discussion and inquiries about usage first. So that we can design a car to suit the customer’s use. So it really is your specific E-Tan car,” explains Mr. Phet.



E-Tan For You car prices Starting at the end of ten thousand. Until a maximum of a million trees There is always development of beautiful car styles. Until you have to forget the image of the old E-Tan car. With a cool, modern design that is both beautiful, strong and suitable for use. Moreover, there are professional production standards such as the “Check List” system and the system. “After-sales guarantee”



Not only that, because he is a person with creative ideas, Khun Phet also makes various public relations media himself in order to clearly review and test the car’s performance. Through various online channels, it helps build confidence among customers very well. They started doing it when social media was not yet booming. Until now, content posted through various online platforms There are loyal fans both at home and abroad, such as the YouTube channel “Etan4u” which has clips uploaded continuously for almost 500 EPs. Some episodes have millions of views.



and with the production process wanting to create standards Therefore it is necessary to order various equipment parts. To be used in production and reserved for maintenance for customers. Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SMED Bank) or SME D Bank by Hua Hin branch Come to support and increase the potential of the business. Through loan services to provide capital to increase liquidity, including investment in machinery. Help the business of E-Taen4U Grow without interruption



“My mother is a hard worker and is always learning. This is exactly what I got from my mother. It makes me an open person and always ready to develop myself. And my mother’s words: You must be honest with your customers. This is the most truthful thing that I always adhere to. Because of the trust of customers It will make our business sustainable,” Mr. Petch concluded.

Over a period of more than 40 years, E-Tan4You has proven itself. Can always adapt to keep up with the changes of the era and in the future, no matter how car production technology will continue to develop. But with the DNA of being a developer, E-Taen4U Still ready to move forward with the business to continue to grow.





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