“Farm In Prang”, a prototype farm for Zero Waste SME D Bank, joins the path to upgrade towards sustainability.

“Farm In Plang”, Chumphon Province, by young farmer “Patthi In Plang” or “Best”   develops a dairy farm to meet world class standards. Since having a management system for cleanliness and safety Take cow’s milk raw materials and process them to add value into various products. Delivered directly to the hands of consumers. There is also a process for eliminating waste to zero or Zero Waste, creating benefits for the community, economy, and environment. This  farm is therefore an example of how to conduct business towards sustainability. (Sustainable)

Until it arrived today It’s not easy. But because there is the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank  as a friend walking alongside. Help replenish funds and knowledge to support “Farm In Plang” to become a model of a completely Zero Waste farm.

Going back about 18 years ago, Best was only 14 years old after his father died. You have to get up and build a career. Earn money to help relieve the burden on mothers who work in factories. By working as a dairy farmer Because I have a grandfather who already has this profession.

A 14-year-old boy learns how to raise and milk the first cow he received from his grandfather. Ready to decide to write a letter to His Majesty King Rama IX asking for a dairy cow. After about 4 months,  a real thing that was more than a dream happened. When His Majesty’s personal project Bring dairy cows to the farm

“I can’t tell you how happy I am and I intend to pursue this career for the rest of my life. To continue the royal career,” he recalled his feelings about the events of that day.

Even if you do not directly study an agricultural course in an educational institution. But with the desire to know Self-study combined with actual practice Able to develop converted farms to meet international standards. Especially the idea of creating a Zero-waste  farm that is 100% self-reliant.

Revolution explains Zero-waste farming, starting from the process of feeding cows. From the beginning, they let them eat grass and straw naturally. It creates a lot of useless waste. Change to feeding ready-made mixed food produced from roughage. and concentrated food mixed together in the appropriate ratio or “TMR” (Total Mixed Ration)  helps reduce food costs.

As for cow excrement, the average amount is 50 kilograms per cow per day. It will be made into fertilizer to feed earthworms. Use it as fertilizer for earthworms. Create added value From selling cow dung fertilizer, the price is 2 baht per kilogram. When made into earthworm fertilizer, it can be sold for up to 15 baht per kilogram.

In addition, cow dung water is fermented and separated to produce biogas. It is used as cooking fuel on the farm. Substitute for ordering cooking gas Previously, more than 30 tanks were used per month. In addition, fertilizer and cow dung compost were left over from those used on the farm. It can also be distributed to farmers in the area for use. Through this process, Farm In Plot has free, renewable, clean energy that will never run out.   And importantly There is no waste left into nature.

Patiwat added another way to make agriculture business sustainable, which is to upgrade the development and processing of cow’s milk products. in order to set the selling price by yourself and reduce risks from various crises that occur

Such a concept It arises from experiences that happen to oneself. Previously, it used to focus on sending cow’s milk raw materials to cheese and butter factories. In the past, the business continued to grow well. From the first two dairy cows, the number of dairy cows was expanded to 80.  But when faced with the problem of Lumpy Skin disease (Lumpy skin) which is an epidemic in cattle causing many calves to die. Made worse by the COVID-19 crisis. Cheese and butter factories, restaurants and hotels have been closed, leaving no outlets for goods to be released.

crisis at that time The young farm owner stated that the impact was severe to the point that many people around him thought that Farm In Prang would definitely have to close its business.

But because of the courage to fight and not give up, together with the presence of SME D Bank, the bank for Thai SMEs Be a friend on the business journey Come in and help add capital to buy machinery and support the processing of cow’s milk into “Gelato ice cream” is a product that can be stored for a long time. and can open the market to find new groups of customers as well Giving Farm In Plot income and new sales channels to supplement the missing parts. Until supporting and moving through difficult times. And when the COVID-19 situation resolves, gelato ice cream products It turned out to be a best-selling product. Until production was unable to keep up, and today it is the flagship that will help drive the business to grow sustainably in the future.

“SME D Bank can be called a business friend. When there are financial problems, it’s good. Or need help in expanding the product. SME D Bank will be the main refuge of the farm in the plot. From the past to the present,” Prabhat stated.

Currently, Farm In Phleng There is a proportion of revenue from selling processed products such as pasteurized milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and gelato ice cream. More than 90% are delivered directly to consumers, leaving only about 10% of the raw materials to be sent to factories.  This is different from the past, which relied heavily on sending raw materials to factories. This is another way to create sustainability for agricultural businesses. Able to stand on one’s own feet

Pictures of the growth and 100% self-reliance of Farm Inn Plot today. It is proof that  Zero Waste  farms can really be done. and ready to take the next step towards sustainability


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