“Kubtai” pushes agricultural products from Mae Hong Son to pinpoint the modern trade market   SME D Bank to strengthen business for sustainable growth. Alongside the community, society, and environment

The nature and simple way of life of Mae Hong Son Province  attracted Weerawet. Supawat” would like to come and live after retirement, but after coming to mix with It was found that there were problems with farmers’ crops in the area, especially “garlic”. The prices were falling. The echo of farmers’ distress was a driving force for Kuptai Company Limited to be born in 2014 with the goal of helping distribute products from farmers in the area to the modern market. Trading (Modern Trade) until now Help create income for people in the area of more than 10 million baht per year. This success Received support from government agencies and many private sectors, including the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SMED Bank) or SME D Bank, help businesses grow. and is a power to help society, communities, and the environment towards sustainability


Back before the age of 55 years, “Weerawet Supawat” or as locals affectionately call him “Khun Uncle”, grew up and lived in Bangkok. Own a dealer business and famous brand car repair service centers until the age of 55, or around 2013, decided to move himself to live after retirement in Mae Hong Son Province. Then began to look at people’s lifestyles. What’s his occupation? It was found that most of the people in this area were farmers, growing garlic, beans, and sesame. But when looking deeper, it was found that Farmers face the problem of very low prices for their produce. especially garlic To the point of pouring it in front of City Hall to demand justice.

Due to the difficult situation that farmers have received, Uncle cannot remain silent. Think of a way to help immediately. The answer is to process agricultural products to increase product value. And this is the origin of the project to encourage 13 initial garlic growers (currently more than 200) to enter the GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) planting process, which in addition to getting products that are safe from toxic chemicals. also promotes the environment And of course, growers have a better quality of life. At the same time, it also builds customer confidence by using QR Code traceability technology.

The next process is to find a market to support, for which Uncle has traveled to Bangkok. To contact Modern Trade many giants. until the product has been chosen Not only that, we also received support from leading stores. and convenience stores as well

“The aim is to buy raw materials from farmers in the area. Give a fair price Then processed into clean, convenient, beautiful, and safe packaging. So I set up a factory that meets GMP and FDA standards. As for production capacity, We were determined to be local people. There are now more than 20 workers in total.”

From fresh garlic, it is decorated and bundled in the form of a basket. Beautiful and touching There is also Garlic cloves, peeled, garlic butter, various forms of fried garlic.


When the garlic product received good response, 3-4 years later, we began to look at tiger beans. which the Lisu tribe It is popular to grow and produces very good yields. But the market is limited to a specific area. The villagers rely on local wisdom to roast them with salt. But the packaging is not very good. It easily causes fungus. Short shelf life Therefore, we have developed this section. There are even products released for sale, such as roasted tiger nuts. Tiger Nuts Tiger Nut Oil There is also Roasted soybeans, Khao Khae or Shan popcorn under the brand Nuat Khun Lung and recently   new products have been launched. Various flavors of ice cream Using tiger beans as a base with the brand “Ice’Bean” (Aisubeen) By Kung Khun Lung.”

fruit of success Reflected by the use of agricultural products sold through various channels. Fresh garlic is up to 120 tons per year, while tiger beans and soybeans are another 10 tons, or more than 8 million baht in income distributed to local farmers per year. In addition to helping farmers, producers and sellers survive, Uncle also places importance on creating a sustainable agricultural business. Taking into consideration the environment is important as well. Kuptai Co., Ltd. is concerned with doing business under the Zero system. Waste is the use of every part of the raw material. Like garlic Bark and stem Use it to make compost to add value. Waste thus becomes zero.


Uncle added that Because basically I had never worked in agriculture before. Creating a sustainable agricultural business Knowledge is very important, so having an expert partner to help fill in the knowledge gaps is key. There are many government and private agencies that play a role in helping to drive one of them, SME D Bank, helping to support. Both aspects of development Connect to access support in various agencies, along with funding support since 2019, leading to factory development. Invest in purchasing machinery that is modern and up to standard. Supports expansion of production capacity. In addition, when the COVID-19 situation occurs, income is not the same, lacks liquidity. SME D Bank understands the problem very well and has taken measures to help, such as debt restructuring, flexibility in installment payments. This makes the business not have too much of a burden. and when the Covid situation is resolved Business can move forward again.


The birth of Kuptai Co., Ltd. came from the vision of one person who wanted to help others in the area where he lived. Have a better quality of life Along with taking care of the environment And today it is not surprising that income, smiles and happiness It is the reward of giving that Veerawet Suphawat or Uncle deserves to receive.



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