‘Malkam’ increases the value of agricultural products, processes ‘concentrated tamarind juice’, Go Inter, SME D Bank, is armed. ‘Add capital with development partner’ brings business pairing to expand the market through modern trade

Agricultural product “Sour Tamarind” has the properties of being easy to grow. Durable to weather conditions Create continuous production Was taken for industrial processing with standards. “Concentrated tamarind juice” adds value. Responding to consumer needs and being in continuous demand in the world market, the more there is SME D Bank, the bank for Thai SMEs. Supporting you from the start of your business and help expand Take business matching Expand the market through sales in modern trade It is an important factor in helping businesses find a successful solution from the past COVID-19 crisis.

Miss Noppakao Yupakdee or Mr. Aom, Managing Director of Sawaengphat Company Limited, manufacturer and distributor Concentrated tamarind juice both domestically and abroad under the brand “Malkam” Chaiyaphum Province Come to continue the family business From the beginning, we bought tamarind from farmers. Making tamarind to send to general markets such as Thai Market, Si Mum Mueang Market, etc. due to increased consumer demand. Therefore saw an opportunity to do business. Decided to quit the full-time job that I had been doing for 10 years, ticketed from Bangkok. To my hometown, Chaiyaphum Province Committed to developing products to meet export standards To bring Thai agricultural products to the world market Penetrate the European market

But becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur The path is not strewn with rose petals. Because starting from zero without prior experience Therefore, it was difficult for financial institutions to dare to provide capital during that time. Decided to go in and ask for advice. From the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank, which received a good response. SME D Bank officials saw the vision and determination so they approved the first capital of 300,000 baht, the starting point for building a business. and continue to move forward from its growth to the present

For products related to consumption, “standards” are important. Must be created and developed to meet the criteria and conditions, whether it be GMP HACCP standards, especially Halal that can be sold in large markets. It takes up to 2 years to develop to meet Halal standards, along with studying the wholesale market. It is known that in foreign countries there is a very high demand for tamarind. Plus online trading behavior It is more convenient and easier. Therefore, the products are expanded to the online market through the Alibaba platform. Targeting main customer groups in the European market such as England, Canada, etc. As for the Halal market, namely Malaysia.

“Currently, Malkham has two distribution channels: export through the company Make you know the needs and talk directly with customers. The other way is through Trading where they already have a customer base. which is an advantage Because you don’t have to do your own marketing. It just serves as a good backyard.”

COVID-19 situation came in and seriously affected Export business must stop immediately. From the income that used to come in, it has shrunk a lot. It is a big lesson. That teaches us to revisit and look at the domestic market as well. And good luck being a customer of SME D Bank. In addition to giving you access to capital sources, it also provides opportunities to add knowledge and organize training and seminar activities. through online channels And it is a medium for business matching (Business Matching), resulting in the opportunity to bring 2 products, concentrated tamarind juice, package size 50 grams and 454 grams, onto the shelves of the modern trade department store, Tesco Lotus, building the brand to be Perceived by consumers in the country, including during COVID-19, SME D Bank also helps to join in the debt moratorium measures.

In addition to “concentrated tamarind juice”   We still haven’t stopped developing, creating opportunities to learn new things and expand our products and services. Respond to consumer needs Created new products “Chicken Sauce” and “Ancient Recipe Meatball Sauce” under the brand “Kai Daeng” with tamarind juice as the main seasoning. Capture the target market in both consumers and merchants. Eat quality products which at present the business overview Trade has become more active than before. especially the export market Ready to move forward with business at full strength again.


“From the sales figures that are on hand More consumer demand Behavior has changed. As a result, the customer base will expand according to these things, showing the direction of future growth. “Sawaengpat” has set a flag for the next 5 years to push it to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) if it can do this. Not only will the business grow But pass on the benefits to business partners, farmers, producers, and workers. We will grow together,” Mr. Noppakao concluded.




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