Covid ruined business Fighting and reporting the birth of ‘Jelly Belly’, a beautiful bakery that can be ordered, SME D Bank does not abandon, walk alongside take us through the crisis

Over the past 2-3 years, the COVID-19 situation has had a severe impact on SME entrepreneurs, one of whom is “Manutsanun Varravarnont” or “Pach.” Despite bidding farewell to their original business, Pach did not retreat but rather fought on, adapting and leveraging their foundational expertise to give rise to a new venture, ‘Jelly Belly Bakery,’ a home-based bakery that truly understands café owners’ preferences in terms of taste, aesthetics, and pricing. Throughout this journey, SME D Bank, the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand, stood as a true companion, unwavering even in challenging times, extending a helping hand and walking alongside to navigate through the crisis together.

“Manutsanun Varravarnont,” a former salaried individual in a large national organization, had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. This was nearly a decade ago when the café trend was booming. At that time, she and her husband made the decision to pursue knowledge in coffee and bakery, as they aspired to invest their efforts into establishing a café business in Nonthaburi province.

The distinctive and beautiful ambiance of the shop offers various picturesque corners, perfect for Instagram-worthy photos. Combined with the delectable coffee and bakery offerings, the place exudes a unique and exquisite flavor that has contributed to the shop’s soaring success, positioning it as a renowned café in Nonthaburi province.

Running a successful business requires overcoming crises. With the prolonged and ongoing impact of COVID-19 over the past three years, businesses have faced challenges that led to various adaptations, such as transitioning to online sales and delivery services. However, due to the strong customer preference for in-person café experiences, revenue decreased by more than 75%. Coupled with ongoing expenses, financial stability became a challenge.

Even though the situation may improve as the COVID-19 situation stabilizes, the business suffered substantial damage. This compelled tough decisions, one of which was to sell the café business that had been nurtured and start anew.

“When deciding to sell the shop and search for new business opportunities, I reflected on my strengths and expertise. Drawing from my experience as a café owner, I realized the importance of having a distinct bakery that aligns with customers’ tastes, appearances, and prices. Knowing that bakery revenue often outweighs coffee sales, it sparked the idea of creating a new business venture focusing on homemade bakery items. This led to the birth of ‘Jelly Belly Bakery,’ where we offer a unique range of bakery products tailored to meet customers’ needs,” Manutsanun shared about the new business concept.

Jelly Belly Bakery, a brand under Rich Asset DV Investment Co., Ltd., specializes in providing “bakery creations” to café owners and various establishments. They offer consultation, design, and production of bakery items tailored to individual customer preferences. Their extensive menu of over 50 items can be adjusted to match each establishment’s budget and target audience. The key factor lies in producing these items under strict hygiene standards while maintaining full control of quality.

Manutsanun elaborates further on Jelly Belly Bakery’s flexibility in creating a diverse menu of more than 50 bakery items, customizable according to varying budgets and customer preferences. To ensure the right design for each establishment, the bakery items are crafted in a central kitchen, fresh and new every day, before being distributed to various locations. Presently, they produce approximately 300 pieces per day. Additionally, they offer a “Bakery Box Set” service, providing snacks for events, seminars, and deliveries.

In the realm of business, one of the crucial factors that cannot be overlooked is the source of capital. From the inception of her café business, Manutsanun emphasizes that she utilized the services of Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand. What has profoundly impressed her about this financial institution is its unwavering support, especially during the challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. SME D Bank never abandoned its customers; they consistently reached out, inquired, and provided assistance. They not only advised on financial restructuring to align with the situation but also offered insights into online marketing strategies and even accompanied her to set up booths to sell products at various locations. All these efforts were aimed at generating revenue to sustain the business and retain employment.

Moreover, even when transitioning to a new business venture, SME D Bank continued to provide continuous assistance. Most recently, they facilitated Jelly Belly Bakery’s participation in the SME D Market event held at the SME D Bank headquarters on May 25-26, 2023. This participation was met with a highly positive response from satisfied customers.

Running a business can be likened to sailing on the vast ocean, where one encounters calm seas, clear skies, as well as turbulent waves and strong winds. Even when faced with challenging circumstances that make progress seem nearly impossible, the determination to persevere and adjust course ensures that the ship sails in the right direction. Eventually, success will be reached. Just as Jelly Belly Bakery did not give up despite the obstacles, instead remaining steadfast, adapting, and ultimately returning to the business path with renewed vigor.

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