‘Sukantha’ modern rice cracker Delicious like Thai, good value Responding to travel trends, SME D Bank side by side takes us through Covid. Continue to spread your wings by selling on airplanes.


Add value to agricultural products Highlighting the strengths of local ingredients from Phetchaburi Province, maintaining Thai identity combined with creativity. along with never stopping development To create the brand “Sukantha” snacks that “Thai deliciousness, great value” wins the hearts of both Thai and foreign consumers, with SME D Bank as a companion on the business journey. Support to overcome the obstacles of the past COVID-19 crisis and continue to help, most recently, support further expansion of the market. Selling products on airplanes



2nd generation heir continues the business, creating standards, Pago Inter, Mr. Pakorn Tangphanit, managing director of Sukantha Thai Snack Company Limited, owner of the rice cracker product “Sukantha”, tells about the beginning of the business. Born from a mother who served as a teacher I already liked making desserts. In the beginning, I would take bananas and sweet potatoes and process them into banana chips and potato chips for my children to snack on or give to neighbors. And after retiring from government service in 1993, during that time Mother saw that Phetchaburi City As a dessert city, if fresh desserts are to do business, they must make a difference and be able to keep them for a longer time. Therefore, it is the source of “Khao Tang with Pork Floss” is a dessert that comes from Thai wisdom and is not difficult to make. Along with using the mother’s name to create the brand name “Sukantha”, we offer useful products. Variety of products Expand the market until it becomes a good snack and souvenir of Phetchaburi Province. Answering the needs of consumers for more than 31 years



The highlight of Khao Tang “Sukantha” is the upgrade of “Jasmine rice” which is a Thai agricultural product. to have increased value Blending raw materials from Phetchaburi Province, “Jaggery” to be used in production. Flavored with a unique recipe that does not contain any preservatives or MSG. Apply it on a sheet of rice cracker. Gives a unique sweet fragrance It makes a difference and is not like Khao Tang Pork Floss in other places. Including developing new products to meet the needs of consumers, such as rice crackers with grains. Selected high-quality grains sprinkled on top of rice. Enhance nutritional value and delicious taste Can be eaten anywhere and at any time.



Currently, Sukantha’s main product is rice crackers with many toppings to choose from, such as shredded pork, shredded chicken, cereals, cashew nuts, sesame, and tom yum, etc. There is also snacks for children, which are mini rice crackers. Made from small sheets of glutinous rice, flavored, no MSG, no cholesterol. Tear off the packet and ready to eat in bite-size flavors such as the original flavors,  Tom Yum, Fresh Butter, BBQ and Wasabi, etc., including the newest product “Pop Rice” that brings Riceberry rice to Phetchaburi Province. Let’s create products that are good for health. With a production process that uses innovative baking instead of frying with oil. Decorate the front with useful grains. Importantly, there are prebiotics. Suitable for people who truly love their health.



“Sukantha laid the foundation of the company by paying attention to every step of production. It began with a mother who asked for a license from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to create standards and guarantee consumers confidence in the product, which is hygienic, along with expanding it to be a standard export quality product. Produced with GHPs HACCP and Halal standards etc.”



Mr. Pakorn said that the target group of Sukantha is both Thai and foreign tourists. who travel to travel in Phetchaburi province and market and sell products in leading modern trade Expand the target group to the working age group. who want to buy Khao Tang snacks to eat With a convenient design and easy to eat. Meet everyone’s lifestyle needs The product price starts at 25 baht and up, including gift sets. Organize souvenirs and gifts for various festivals under the name “Morummatum” Phetchaburi” that pays attention to details. From packaging design Gathering the unique characteristics that are good things of Phetchaburi Province in graphic design. Ready to provide healthy rice crackers. Pay attention to every step To give to important people


Business turning period Back to helping with COVID-19 It has a similar impact on all entrepreneurs. that sales are shrinking Because people are unable to spend. together with Phetchaburi Province It’s a tourist city. But when unable to travel As a result, there are no tourists traveling to the province at all. from growing sales causing us to sell only 10-20%, an important turning point that must be adjusted Turn to do it online through various platforms such as Line, Facebook, Lazada, Shopee. In addition, you can manage and control costs and make the most of your produce. This is in line with the BCG Model guidelines for managing Zero Waste in production. Previously, broken rice crackers had to be discarded as animal feed. But we create new products. Brought to produce fresh butter-flavored rice crackers, it has received good feedback from many customers.



Business partners are an important part. The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank provides great support to businesses. Both capital injection and development During the time when the company faced problems with the COVID-19 situation. Funding is important Helps the company have sufficient liquidity. Including supporting development Promote marketing, allowing “Khao Tang” made by Thai people to spread its wings and be sold on airlines. “Thai Vietjet Air” which was selected from participating in the project “Grow Thai SMEs products to sell on airlines” which is a collaboration between SME D Bank and Bright Sky Aviation Company Limited or “Sky Vibe”, a provider of in-flight advertising media and product distribution. on the plane Genuine opportunities for Thai SME entrepreneurs It is a good project that helps create awareness among a large number of consumers.



Future Business Plan Throughout the past 31 years, “Sukantha” has been placed as a souvenir product in Phetchaburi Province. that people I know have responded well And our next step is to expand products for Thai people and abroad. I would like to choose to buy Sukandha’s products to eat or as souvenirs to give to each other. We believe that Thai products can still grow abroad. Ready to expand the market further abroad. Including targeting target groups who want to eat snacks that have more health benefits. By raising the level of research Used to create processed rice snacks that better meet the needs of health lovers.





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Sukantha Thai Snack Company Limited

228/3 Moo 5, Soi 9, Bandai It Road, Ban Mo Subdistrict

Mueang Phetchaburi District, Phetchaburi Province 76000

Tel. (032) 488-311, 085-555-1899

Email :sukantha1993@gmail.com

Facebook : Sukantha, Thai desserts, souvenirs, Phetchaburi Province

Line: @sukanthakaotang

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