The restaurant “Kluai Nam Wa” serves delicious local dishes. Becoming the favorite of Phuket people, SME D Bank joins hands to improve the landscape. The Covid situation can be handled.


If thinking of doing any career Aiming to do only what “love” may not be the final answer. Removing the love story from the business plan Then look at “possible” instead of “this is an important milestone that is “pure” Suthijindawong” is the owner of “Kluai Nam Wa”, a local cafe-style restaurant that Phuket people are very familiar with. Can eat every day Used to drive business

And even on the day the COVID-19 situation hit, many businesses collapsed. But the banana shop able to adapt to survive Because they know how to adjust the landscape of the shop to become a large garden. With support from the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME D Bank) or SME D Bank, it has come to strengthen us to overcome the crisis gracefully.

Going back about 13 years ago, Mr. Pisut assessed the situation of there still not being many coffee shops in Phuket. Compared to the trend of tourism in Phuket province that continues to grow. There are both local people, foreigners, and tourists. traveling in large numbers In addition, it has an ideal location. So I tried opening a small cafe.

Customers gradually enter the store without interruption. It is an indication that there is an opportunity to move forward. Therefore expanded the branch to now 3 locations and added a variety of menus. Highlighting local food that Phuket people are familiar with, such as sour pork leg curry, Uk Khoi Khem, pork Hong, crab curry, crab fried rice, fried monkfish with spices, etc.

“Personally, I do many businesses, the main one being real estate. construction contractor Therefore, in the cafe business, the answer is that it is not in love or interest, but in seeing an opportunity. see the possibility Initially, they mainly sold coffee, beverages, and bakery goods until they saw that food might be another way to increase their income. which by general cafes Focus on western menu But we think local food should be a good answer.”

Vision is more important than love. is a pure way of doing business. “If we don’t know what people here like, What I did was not successful. But I am a Phuket person by birth. Know Phuket food very well Been eating since childhood What kind of flavors do Phuket people like? What is the cultural way of life like? This is what I know. But at the same time, I don’t know how to cook. which is not a problem Because you can choose people who have this ability to come and do it.”

As for the shop, if it’s luxurious and expensive, To meet the needs of customers who come only once a month, only for festivals, or focus mainly on tourists. It’s not a long-term success. But we have to make a restaurant for people in the area. People who live in Phuket come to eat every day.

When reading the game market Therefore, it is not surprising that today the Kluai Nam Wa shop There will be a lot of customers. It has become a famous shop for Phuket people. It is a restaurant that welcomes guests from the city. caused by word of mouth Plus the power of social media There are many reviewers who come to visit and give reviews and promote the shop. To be more well known

From doing business targeting people in the area because it is believed to be more sustainable Emphasize the truth clearly When the COVID-19 outbreak took effect, Phuket became desolate from tourists. Restaurants and businesses that were open to serve tourists have collapsed. But while at the Namwa banana shop can continue to grow Due to adjustment to be consistent with the situation By temporarily stopping service in the air conditioning zone. Only the outside courtyard remains, allowing it to be open for business and generating income to support it. Help support the store to continue operating.


Adjusting to change the landscape of such stores, Mr. Pisut planned and joined hands with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank, which came to help replenish capital. make improvements to the place Successfully accomplished   until we were able to overcome the COVID-19 crisis and move forward with our business. even stronger than before


Mr. Pisut concludes with advice for the new generation who wants to pursue an independent career. He said, “If I were to make a suggestion. Don’t do work that you love. But do work that is expected to have a future. More than half of the people are not in the line of work they love, but they are good at it and are successful. So don’t get caught in the trap of thinking. Waiting only for the career that you love, returning to set new goals. Work must generate appropriate income, must be sustainable, must have a future, must be successful.”




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