2 state banks joined forces Ringing the bell of the “SME D EXIM ARI CONNEXT” project, fulfilling services and attaching the wings of SMEs to the global market


2 State Specialized Financial Institutions Under the Ministry of Finance, “SME D Bank” and “EXIM BANK” create a new dimension to help Thai SMEs entrepreneurs join forces to move forward with the “SME D EXIM ARI CONNEXT” project, linking support for SMEs entrepreneurs to cover all levels and all business groups seamlessly. Both sources of capital and the development of increasing skills and knowledge driving sustainable growth

Today (July 21, 2023) Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank and Export-Import Bank of Thailand or EXIM BANK as a state-owned specialized financial institution. under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance Jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) “Promoting capital sources and developing the potential of SMEs entrepreneurs for international trade for sustainable growth” (the project “SME D EXIM ARI CONNEXT”, adding capital, enhancing skills, elevating Thai SMEs to the world stage), where both agencies will jointly drive and support Thai SMEs entrepreneurs through data links between each other. and promoting SMEs entrepreneurs access to financial services through credit or co-investment products coupled with development help increase business potential enhance competitiveness drive business both domestically and internationally for sustainable growth

Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank said that each state-owned specialized financial institution Each has a main mission and distinctive features This cooperation will bring the strengths of both SME D Bank and EXIM BANK to fully serve SMEs entrepreneurs. by linking information And forward services between each other as appropriate for each SMEs entrepreneur. Open opportunities to access capital sources. Including receiving additional skills and knowledge from both financial institutions

SME D Bank is ready to provide “financial” services with loan products for SMEs. covering all business groups It can be used to enhance business liquidity, invest, improve, expand, change businesses. working capital or refinance The maximum loan amount is 50 million baht, the interest rate is relaxed. Installments for up to 15 years and free of principal payments up to 24 months, along with “development” services through the SME D Coach project, providing consulting services. by a professional coach Enhance the potential of SMEs to achieve sustainable success.

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