SME D Bank raises an army of 3 promotions served in the 2nd Debt Solving Fair, Khon Kaen Province, complete with a complete solution to debt. Ready to add new capital Helping Thai SMEs to continue

SME D Bank raises an army of 3 promotions served in the 2nd ‘Debt Solving Fair’, Khon Kaen Province
Complete! Comprehensive debt solution Ready to add new capital Helping Thai SMEs to continue


Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank revealed that from SME D Bank, a bank for Thai SMEs, participated in the “Debt Solving Fair”. have debt to fix Sustainable Start” No. 1 in Bangkok area at the beginning of November, which was highly successful Able to help solve debts for more than 600 SMEs with a total amount of more than 950 million baht, and more than 50 million baht in new capital requests. Especially SME businesses that have been affected by the COVID-19 situation. resulting in the past business lack of income Debt repayment ability is reduced, so SME D Bank raises the team to roam Khon Kaen province. Helping SME entrepreneurs in the Northeastern region Alleviate suffering and solve debt problems sustainably in the event “Debt Relief Fair have debt to fix Sustainable Beginning” No. 2 at Hall 2, International Convention and Exhibition Center Khon Kaen Province (KICE) between 18-20 November 2022 from 10.00-18.00

In this regard, there are 3 full promotions available for service, namely 1. Pay in full! It’s over quickly! For customers with overdue payments of no more than 90 days, special privileges are offered. Adjustment of installment payment terms alleviate anxiety Help manage business with flexibility, such as a break on principal, reduce installments, extend the installment period. Divide the installment, cut the principal payment up to 20%, etc.

2. Pay all debts! Immediate discount! Customers who are overdue for more than 90 days can mediate with the bank. through debt restructuring increase flexibility for entrepreneurs Help businesses return to pay debts as usual, such as reducing interest rates, reducing installments, extending the installment period. If the customer wants to close the account Receive the right to reduce interest accrued up to 100% or restructure debt, reduce up to 30%, etc. and 3. Continue adding new capital! bring access to funding sources enhance business liquidity Move forward with business again through “SMEs Re-Start Loan” supporting SMEs in all business groups. Enhance liquidity to invest, expand, improve the business. Receive purchasing power at the end of 2022, interest rates starting at 5.5% per year, maximum loan amount of 5 million baht, maximum installment period of 12 years, no principal payment for up to 24 months.

In addition, there are also “development” services through the “SME D Coach” project to upgrade the business. increase business potential by a professional coach Comprehensive business consulting for free Including selling good quality NPA assets, good location, at a price that is easy to access For more information, call center 1357.

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