A new dimension to transform the start-up molding SME Thai Go Inter SME D Bank and the Department of Foreign Trade 4 leading Thai educational institutions deliver the campaign SME D Scaleup Society to the 4.0 era.


Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand  or SME D Bank has signed a memorandum of cooperation agreement “SME D Scaleup Society” project between the Department of Foreign Trade and 4 educational institutions, namely Prince of Songkla University. Bangkok University King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi And the National Institute of Development Administration To create an ecosystem that is conducive to growth and development of startups and SMEs By linking the network of education systems to upgrade and promote technology, innovation and digital media for the startup group to announce the emergence and expansion of business scale (Scaleup) to sustainability By relying on the potential, knowledge, expertise and strength of each university to help develop Through the process of cultivation and development of competitiveness Including the promotion of further marketing to both domestic and international markets With the Department of Foreign Trade With a network of projects both in Thailand and abroad Help support the next step in the global market. And the opportunity to access special funding sources from SME Bank is able to run a business or start a new business. Under the concept of knowledge, funding from SME Bank

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank said that SME D Scaleup project, knowledge of capital, is a project of SME Bank Began to be used in the development of entrepreneurs through the network of educational institutions that brought each expert to help develop Which has started this project about 2 years ago and has been highly successful By organizing the course 1. SME D Scaleup project, continue to stick to the wing of SMEs and start-ups with King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang In accordance with the government’s policy on creating entrepreneurs to enter the sustainable industry 4.0 2. SME D Scaleup project, winged by rubber business with innovation together with Prince of Songkla University to be able to extend the concept to rubber processing with new innovations by creating products Prototypes with 12 potentials for commercial purposes, 51 participants, increasing sales by more than 43.75 million baht and expanding the usage The parametric nature, up 0.322 million tonne from 6.45 million tonne of rubber combination is achieved in processing timber, create jobs and income for the business elite back to the community. 3. KX Institute King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi organizes the SME D Scaleup project, attached to the business wing of SMEs4.0, to develop bank customers by creating new products based on technology and innovation. And a team of experts from the institute providing advice on the actual establishment and 4. SME D Scaleup project, a hundred million ideas, together with Bangkok University Makes a new start-up model, sparking ideas, changing business ideas to millions. By linking with Central Pattana Co., Ltd. to create opportunities for marketing channels

In addition, there is a SME D Scaleup project, which is owned by the Bank, to help build a million baht business wing for the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Both in marketing promotion Creating online trading opportunities And creating stories (Story) presented through mass media Which every project is already a concrete achievement.


In this regard, the Bank introduced the SME D Scaleup project to expand the growth under the SME D Scaleup Society project, which has signed this MOU in order to extend the success to various cluster operators. With the following guidelines

Prince of Songkla University Will implement the project under the guidelines for the development of spices and spices By developing the food industry and the potential of Thai curry by researching and developing groups of herbs and spices in order to develop health foods and concepts for the development of Thai curry products to the global market and the Hackathon project to create a new startup model. From rubber from the beginning to further commercialization

KX under King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Which is a university that specializes in technology and innovation Which has an idea to upgrade the technology in the production of entrepreneurs to focus on the production system 4.0 with an emphasis on industrial technical processes Automatic system, IOT (Internet of Things) system and robot operation system Or adopt innovative technology to help reduce production costs or increase work efficiency to be more effective

Bangkok University Has a reputation for outstanding creativity and creating new entrepreneurs Will bring knowledge and expertise to take care of entrepreneurs in tea, coffee and local fabrics In the upper northern region To develop entrepreneurs, create knowledge and business expansion opportunities by reforming the existing business into the digital era business and learning business planning strategies to expand both domestic and international markets to develop sustainability

National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) is a well-known institution specializing in business administration. Will bring modern knowledge and management to increase and enhance entrepreneurs to systematically analyze planning and management Including enhancing creativity and innovation skills By learning techniques and using technology to help develop throughout the business value chain Improve efficiency

Department of Foreign Trade Ministry of Commerce Will increase opportunities and drive marketing Contact both domestic and international trade Including the YEN-D Program that will create a network of Thai entrepreneurs with the neighboring countries (CLMV), Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam to help create market opportunities. The business grows in line with the agenda in which Thailand is the Chair of ASEAN. Will help promote the entrepreneurial sector to cooperate more closely

The SME D Scaleup Society project is the beginning of the creation of a network of educational institutes. Public and private financial institutions that will join forces to push SME Startup through the incubation process to promote innovative technology, bring academic work to commercialize, promote marketing to the global market. And in the future, will expand the results, create a network of extensive cooperation and cover the development of various cluster operators

Additional information: Department of Entrepreneurial Development Promotion Department Tel. 02 265 -4494, 02 265 -3009, 02 265 -4579

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