ancient cruise See the most satisfying atmosphere, eat the Thai SELECT menu, complete it at Tha Luang Restaurant, along the Pasak River, in the old city.

ancient cruise See the most satisfying atmosphere, eat the Thai SELECT menu, complete at “Tha Luang Restaurant” along the Pasak River, the old city.

Take a boat ride in the whole golden teak cane Take a cruise along the “Pa Sak” river and admire the atmosphere on both sides of the old city. Ready to taste delicious food at Thai SELECT level, or sit and eat in a restaurant decorated in vintage style. This is a charm that you can always feel when you come. “Thaluang Shop” by Ayutthaya Boat and Travel Co., Ltd., convenient transportation next to the Pa Sak River City Center Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province

This restaurant was pioneered by “Natthapak Sathianuchikanon” or “Tum” since about 6 years ago, which is an extension of its main business, the tour company “Ayutthaya Boat and Travel”. travel There are various activities for tour business Before the Covid-19 situation The customers are 100% foreigners. The restaurant customer proportion Half of Thais and foreigners

“Previously, before deciding to start a restaurant We want to enhance the quality of food and service to the best. making the decision to expand the tour business open our own restaurant By creating a shop in a vintage style wooden house called “Tha Luang Shop” with SME D Bank (Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand) to help from the beginning. in terms of funding until the construction of this shop was completed.” Natthapak revealed the beginning of the shop.

with a great atmosphere It is a shop that focuses on using wood. and decorated in vintage style next to the Pa Sak River The interior is decorated with photographic art that invites you to look. There is a zone to choose to sit in both air-conditioned and natural rooms, which can accommodate about 100 customers, while the food has a variety of more than 100 menus, emphasizing Thai food prepared from high quality ingredients. lettuce on plate Specifically, organic vegetables In addition, the food menu in the restaurant does not contain any MSG at all, with the famous Thai SELECT menu, which is “Peared Prawns with Salt and Chili”. Come to fry the whole shell to be crispy on the outside and kapok on the inside. Roasted with paprika and garlic until fragrant, mellow flavor or popular menus like “Stir-fried snakehead fish with pigeons,” but don’t panic, because pigeons are pickled cabbage brands.

In addition, there is a special service Opportunity to sit and eat on a golden teak cantilever boat named “Natwarin”, which is an ancient boat developed to meet the highest safety standards. There are toilets on board, clean, convenient, safe, and there is a system to treat used water before it is dumped into the river. does not pollute the environment by going down the Pa Sak River Have a meal and see important places around the island of Ayutthaya as well, such as Wat Phanan Choeng, Wat Chaiwatthanaram Sri Suriyothai Chedi and Pom Phet, etc., take about an hour and a half per round. Accommodates a maximum of about 15 customers or if you want to be private. Can make a request as a special case Service 2 rounds per day, 12:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., with a light fee. Food included, only 1,050 baht per head.

from the full featured as mentioned above Since opening the shop “Thaluang Shop” has received a good response continuously. Become a famous local shop It’s packed with customers almost every day, but with the Covid-19 crisis severely affect the business The main customers are foreigners. unable to travel reduce revenue by more than 80%

In such a crisis, the team of “Thaluang Shop” from the owner and all employees hugging the neck to share the pain and happiness Adapt to overcome obstacles together whether it is turning to focus on the Thai market Traveling to distribute brochures to invite the people of Ayutthaya eat at the restaurant Or order delivery. In addition, they also come to earn extra income by selling organic vegetables. and during the lockdown measures Do not sit and eat in the restaurant. All the team members came to help each other to make “Gang bags” to humiliate in front of the shop to earn money to support and support everyone to have work to do.

Natthaphak admits that the severe crisis faced Almost gave up and gave up and closed the shop. But because of the encouragement received from every team, coupled with SME D Bank, reaching out to help support including taking debt moratorium measures, including SME D Bank to use the meeting place causing additional income as well as adding new capital to enhance liquidity as well, giving them strength to fight and stand up to move forward with the business

“Thaluang Shop” now has complete safety standards to prevent COVID-19, including Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) and Thai STOP COVID, ready to welcome customers back to eat in the restaurant.

If there is a chance to visit the old city In addition to visiting historical landmarks Stop by to eat boat noodles. buy roti saimai In the evening before going back, it is recommended to sit and eat and admire the atmosphere at the water’s edge. “Thaluang Shop” believes that everyone. Will be impressed back and come back to use the service of this charming rich restaurant regularly.

Location: Tha Luang Shop, 16/2 U-Thong Road, near Chao Phrom Market, Hor Rattanachai Subdistrict, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13000 Tel : 096-883-7109 , www.raan-tha-luang.com , FB:RaanThaLuang1

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