Announcement from the Treasury Department Procedures for paying reservations to the booking person commemorative coin

Procedures for paying reservations to the booking person (in case of booking with the bank)
1. In the case of self-pickup
Please bring the coin reservation confirmation (original) together with your ID card (original) to submit to the staff. to check the correctness Then arrange the coins according to the number of the reservation confirmation. and have the person ordering to sign the coin recipient field in the booking confirmation and give the reserved coin to the customer

2. In the case of receiving a replacement
To bring the booking confirmation (original) together with the power of attorney and the identity card of the attorney and attorney. (original and copy)

3. In case of lost voucher
The person who orders the coin must bring the notification. along with an identification card (original). If authorizing another person to pick up on his behalf, there must be a power of attorney, a notification letter, an identity card of the attorney and the attorney. (original and copy) receive the coin

4. In the case of the bank’s coin reservation confirmation, there is a sandblasted copper coin reservation.
Included: Bank will pay only gold, silver and cupronickel coins. Except for the sandblasted black bronze medal. The bank will make a copy of the booking confirmation. Bank stamp with signature of the coin distributing officer of the bank along with the name and surname (printed letters) for the coin orderer. For those who order coins, bring a copy of the confirmation of the reservation to receive the black sandblasted bronze medal at the reservation unit of the Treasury Department.


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