”Bahrain”, a small country, a big opportunity, a new gold treasure. Thai SMEs report to the Middle East market.


“Bahrain”, a small country in the Middle East. With an area of ​​approximately 700 square kilometers. Or to say, to illustrate is the approximate size of “Sing Buri Province” only has a population of approximately 1.5 million people. If looking at just the above information Would not seduce or attract Thai SMEs Focusing on expanding the market to this Din Daeng


However, Bahrain There is an interesting opportunity for Thai SMEs to hide, which is why the partner agencies include The ministry of international affairs The Association of Asian and Middle Eastern Exporters (AMEE), the Thai Mart Bahrain Project and the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank held a seminar titled “Open Arab New Markets with SME D Bank penetrates the Bahrain trade market to receive 100%. “To introduce various information, including opportunities, obstacles, advantages, disadvantages, etc. Add knowledge to Thai SMEs. Used as information to make a decision to advance to the Bahrain market.


Revealing the great Bahrain of Thailand


Jirasaya Piranon, Director of the Middle East Division Department of South Asian and African Affairs The ministry of international affairs Said at the seminar that Bahrain Have a great relationship with Thailand Making the Bahrainans like Thai people Including Thai products. Therefore, in terms of the image of Thai products in the eyes of the Bahraini people Regarded as a grade A product with handicap trusted Believe in quality


However, when drilling in depth Bahrainans have an average national income of 26,852 US dollars per year, or about 8 hundred thousand baht per year, which is classified as a group with relatively high purchasing power. Bahrain has a population of 1.5 million, consisting of only 50% of the local Bahrain, while the other half are foreigners. Most are Middle Eastern people from various nations. Who go to live, work and travel in Bahrain, so the products that are going to be sold in Bahrain Therefore able to market to both the local people And foreigners.



In addition, Bahrain also has a distinctive geographical feature. Located in the heart of the Middle East countries, Bahrain has attempted to place itself as a regional hub to distribute products to various countries. In the middle east Although this role is clearly in Dubai, but in terms of location. Bahrain still has the potential to connect expanding trade to other countries. In the Middle East


For Thai SMEs that are interested in going to market in Bahrain. The important thing is to find a local partner and trade partner. Which will greatly reduce the risk Which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs By the Department of South Asia and Africa Ready to support the information And always be a consultant


Pointing to Bahrain, the middle Muslim representative


Khun Suphat Chitra Nukhra Former Thai ambassador to Manama, Bahrain Who have had experience in Bahrain for more than 4 years, providing additional information that Most of the people of Bahrain are Muslim. But being a middle Muslim means not very religious. Make the trade opportunities open for many groups of products or services, such as entertainment venues such as pubs or bars, can be opened in an allocated area, including Bahrain ladies, able to dress fashion according to your liking, etc.


“I would like to compare Bahrain as Singapore of the Middle East. Which is a small country, too, but there are a variety of people There are purchasing power for both locals and foreigners entering Bahrain. Able to connect trade to various countries Of the Middle East, “he states.




Explanation of good Thai products in Bahrain


Ms Akarawut Tangsirikusolwong President of the Association of Asian and Middle Eastern Exporters (AMEE) said that Bahrain is one of the best partners in the Middle East of Thailand. Is friendly to foreigners. In addition, the management fee for doing business is not very high. Compared to other countries In the Middle East. Bahrain is also the point of entry into other major markets such as Saudi Arabia Because there are adjacent borders, including with the qualities in Bahrain One of the most liberal countries in the Middle East Causing Arab Muslims from different countries Popular to visit to Bahrain on average 15 million people per year and more and more every year.


For products that have a good opportunity in the Bahrain market, Mr Akarawut pointed to the processed food product group. Whether it is dried fruit, sauces, condiments, spices. At the same time, spa products, cosmeceuticals, health services and fashion are also popular products and have a great opportunity. However, products that can enter the market Important things must be acceptable standards. Especially the “Halal” symbol is very important for the Muslim market.


Ms Akarawut revealed that for SMEs that are interested in exporting products to Bahrain One way is to sell products through the ThaiMart Bahrain project, which is the first ASEAN product center in Bahrain. Which mainly sells Thai products The project area is approximately 6,700 square meters. There are about 200 stores. Located in the prime commercial area. And adjacent to the largest department store of Bahrain With an average of 7 million people buying per year


SME D Bank moves forward with SMEs Thai Go Inter


Mr.Natnari Ratthapat, Deputy Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank said that as a development financial institution SME Bank aims to create opportunities Increase business potential for bank customers Including general SMEs By establishing a unit “Entrepreneurship Development” is responsible for advising entrepreneurs in order to expand the market. Promoting abroad, such as packaging development, creating standards, making business plans, taking out fairs, etc. The organizing seminar titled “Open a new Arab market with SME D Bank penetrates the Bahrain trade market to receive 100% of the time”. This is considered one of the activities. To add knowledge to SMEs While also expanding the market to other countries.



“In today’s economic and competitive business environment, how can people receive financial aid to” accelerate themselves “as to” how to help themselves? “, But today, anyone interested in participating in the dialogue is confident that they are received. Adjusted to find knowledge and find opportunities to expand the market as financial institutions for development. Always support everyone, “said Naat Naree.


Lending to low-income people and those receiving SME loans Supporting retail business export services / Starting a business with technological innovation, Community-level trade credit Special interest rates for individuals in the first 3 years are charged interest rates of 0.417% per month or about 5% per year and the “corporate” special interest rates in the first 3 years are only 0.25% per month or 3% per year and Smart SME loans for the period Not over 10 years, special interest rate for the 1st year MLR-1 per year, 2nd year MLR -0.75 per year, 3rd year MLR -0.5 per year and Year 4-10 MLR per year or only 0.55% per month.


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