Bank of Thailand beside Kasem Solar Cell bring to the source of funds Support business growth, upgrade to a center for renewable energy products Build a career in the community, get the BCG Model

Bank of Thailand, alongside ‘Siang Kasem Solar Cell’ leads to the source of funds support business growth
Upgrading to ‘Renewable Energy Product Center’, creating a career in the community, receiving the BCG Model

“Thank you SME Bank for supporting “Sound Kasem Solar Cell” leading to access to funding sources. enhance business liquidity Along with giving advice, business advice, help us grow efficiently. Bring technology to promote farming businesses in the area It helps improve the quality of life for farmers and villagers to use clean energy that is environmentally friendly.”

The sentence was echoed by Mr. Pongphan Pongkasem, the owner of the partnership. Kasem Sola sound A business operator selling and installing equipment related to integrated solar cells, Phichit Province with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank, which contributes to business growth and can spread the benefits to the community as well

for the background of the business “Sound of Kasem Solar Cell” was inspired from the time of university. Electrical Engineering Interested and like to go to the area to help villagers in remote areas that do not have access to electricity. with the installation of solar panels No generator needed It’s clean energy. It is like giving light to the villagers in the area. such impression Ignite the fire to start a renewable energy business ever since.

The highlight of “Siang Kasem Solar Cell” is a comprehensive service. Because it is the center of equipment related to the installation of solar cells. including equipment Comprehensive electrical spare parts such as inverters, water pumps and batteries, etc., with installation services, including consulting services, recommending to see the job site. to solve problems for customers coupled with after-sales customer service There is a back-up product ready to be replaced immediately. so that customers can bring products back to use continuously without interruption

Adjust the business, pass on opportunities, create a career, spread to the community is the current business model of “Siang Kasem Solar Cell” by acting as the main distribution center in Phichit Province and other nearby provinces. The company’s customer groups are divided into 3 parts, 60% dealers, 30% farmers, and the general public. Forwarding to dealers or installers in various districts is in accordance with the concept that the company intended. Because it helps to create a career, generate income, as well as being able to take care of customers in the area closely from the original that included services in the central Therefore, there is a heavy burden to take care of many customers. when adjusting the business to use the system for sending installation work make management more efficient Can focus on dealers who come to buy products only

“Dealers or technicians who provide installation services in various districts are constantly interested in purchasing products from the company. to bring to service with an affordable price Help him have another career and income to support his family. This is a result of the company’s management in contacting products from manufacturers directly. and ordering products to support a large number of services make quality products at a low cost price Including easy and fast claiming of products. It helps build confidence for customers who come to use the service.”

The situation of the epidemic of Covid-19 that has occurred, renewable energy businesses such as “solar cells” are expanding against the trend. Due to preventive measures against the epidemic in the past from distance within the organization causing a large number of people to live in Work from home instead (WFH) results in higher electricity bills. Therefore, it is starting to pay more attention to the installation of solar panels. To help save electricity bills in another way, including some groups of customers traveling back to their domiciles to continue the family business that is mostly farming As a new generation, it pays attention to cost management. There was a change and use of solar panels. make a solar water pump Helps to cultivate more

for marketing channels In addition to the storefront in Phichit province There are also distributors in nearby provinces such as Phitsanulok, Sukhothai, Kamphaeng Phet and have plans to expand continuously to Uttaradit, Nakhon Sawan and Chainat provinces, etc. At present, the company is constructing an innovation training center for renewable energy such as installation equipment. Installation of all solar cells to create knowledge and understanding for those who are interested both the general public, farmers, etc.

future business plan After the training center has been established, it is believed that it will help create more careers for people who are interested in providing solar cell installation services. Together with the new economic model policy, the government’s BCG Model is an important part that helps all sectors to be alert. Pay attention to and pay attention to the use of renewable energy. It is expected that there will be more modifications and installations. Helping to benefit the company in another way

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