Bank of Thailand continues to support SMEs in tourism Mold Betong ten thousand million The local economic boom raises capital for development sustainable growth reveal the first half brought to the source of capital of more than 3.2 billion baht

SME Bank continues to support tourism SMEs to create ‘Betong ten billion’, a boom in the local economy
Upholding “Adding Capital for Development” for Sustainable Growth reveal the first half brought to the source of capital of more than 3.2 billion baht.

Bank of Thailand, along with “SMEs, tourism” to turn around the business through the Covid-19 crisis, helping “top up capital” to add more than 60,000 million baht to liquidity, amounting to more than 30,000, along with “development” to raise the level to receive More than 35,000 new ways of tourism, holding hands with partner agencies Driving the local economy, raising the model to create “Betong Ten Billion” for sustainable growth Revealing the operating results of the first half of 2022, adding capital to Thai SMEs of more than 32 billion baht, a growth of 51% compared to 2021, generating a turnover of more than 146,000 million baht.

Ms. Nartnaree Rattaphat Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that after the government has a policy to open the country. Support SME entrepreneurs especially tourism and related businesses to return to business to their full potential Bank of Thailand responds to government policy aiming to support tourism and related SMEs to access measures “Adding capital to development partners” to help turnaround business Returning to be an important force in driving the Thai economy by issuing “SMEs Re-Start” credit worth 2,000 million baht from the start of the project in March 2022 to the end of July 2022, with more than 860 loan applications, more than 1,500 million baht, expected that the full amount will be reached within August The bank is expanding the credit line for another 3,000 million baht, reflecting the trend of SMEs in tourism and related sectors. Come back to make good business progress again.

For financial assistance, such “SMEs Re-Start Loan” is one of the continuous support for SMEs in tourism groups after the Bank of Thailand takes access to funding sources according to the government’s policy as well. “Loan to raise the community economy” (Local Economy Loan) and “Small Loan Extra Cash” included since the beginning of 2020 until now, SME Bank has supported tourism SMEs to access capital. The credit line is more than 60 billion baht, the amount is more than 30,000.

At the same time, it always helps in “development” through cooperation with allied agencies. both public and private enhances the potential able to adapt to a new way of tourism, such as organizing a seminar on tourism trends after COVID-19 and help raise tourism standards, etc. From the outbreak of the Covid-19 situation in 2020 until July 2022, bringing in more than 35,000 development activities.
Ms. Nartnaree also stated that the guidelines for supporting SMEs in tourism are SMEs using the process of working with local agencies, both the government, the private sector and educational institutions. who will know and understand the needs of entrepreneurs in the area very well bring benefits to drive the local economy Create appropriate and sustainable growth

One of the models is cooperation with “Committee to drive the fundamental economy and the service industry Yala Rajabhat University” pushing the project “Betong Ten Billion” promotes SMEs in tourism in the area of ​​Betong District, Yala Province, raising the level to increase business potential. Supporting new ways of tourism and in line with the local way of life, including helping to drive the economy in the three southern border provinces through access to funding sources “SMEs Re-Start Loan” as well as extending to SMEs in the tourism business and local guides Access to activities to develop knowledge To enhance business and career, such as marketing, reduce business costs, etc., help adapt to local tourism that is growing, and join hands with entrepreneurs in hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. Organize a promotion to stimulate tourism through E-book “Good promotion for SMEs throughout Thailand” that can be downloaded for free at the Bank of Thailand’s website (www.smebank.co.th).

“Since the COVID-19 situation occurred in 2020 onwards, SME Bank has stood side by side and closely supervises SMEs. acting as more than a financial institution both lead to access to funding sources Along with having a process for development, upgrading, increasing business potential Helping SMEs able to move forward with the business again,” Ms. Nartnaree added.

As for the bank’s operating results, the first six months of 2022 met the target. Able to support entrepreneurs with access to funding sources, approximately 7,500 people, with a total amount of more than 32 billion baht, an increase of more than 51% from the same period last year (2521), creating circulating money in the economy of more than 146 billion baht, along with helping development enhance business Adapting to changes such as knowledge enhancement projects, market expansion, business matching, and taking government procurement projects, etc.

This year, the target for this year (2022) will support access to capital sources of not less than 60 billion baht, coupled with support for “development” for more than 21,000 people through training activities to raise the level. increase business potential Both offline and online formats, such as Focus Group, “Top up Thai SMEs Start the business” and the service “SME D Coach” provides comprehensive SME consulting. Helping SMEs to move forward with their business stably and sustainably.

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