Bank of Thailand issued measures to monetize debt, add capital to recover business to heal SMEs affected by floods across the country

“SME Development Bank” issued measures to moratorium on debt. with special interest loans Use it to revitalize the business. to heal SME entrepreneurs affected by floods across the country Apply for a loan quickly through the SME D Bank application, ready to send the officers to the urgent assistance area

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank or SME) revealed that from the flood situation in agricultural areas and community areas in many provinces. especially in the northeastern region and is likely to expand to many areas across the country The declaration of disaster affected areas depends on each province. Affects the trading business of SMEs that have been damaged both directly and indirectly The Bank has issued 2 measures to help bank customers who have been affected by the disaster. Whether it is floods, windstorms, mudslides, earthquakes, etc., including measures 1. The moratorium. For term loans, a suspension of principal and interest payments for a period of not more than 6 months, while the working capital disbursement contract in type of promissory note (P/N) issued a measure to help suspend interest payments for a period of not more than 6 months.

and measure 2. Emergency loans for business rehabilitation damaged operators To be used for rehabilitation and working capital for the bank’s existing customers Maximum loan period not exceeding 5 years, grace period not exceeding 1 year, the maximum credit limit per person as follows: 1. Debtors with a total approved limit of not more than 1 million baht, giving a loan amount of not more than 5 hundred thousand baht 2. Debtors With a total approved limit of more than 1 million baht but not more than 5 million baht, the maximum loan amount is not more than 1 million baht contract As for collateral, consider the original collateral first and be able to use TCG’s collateral as collateral, only for measures that increase not more than 2 million baht, with the loan amount including the project not exceeding 15 million baht.

In addition, for SMEs who need funds to enhance their business potential after a disaster has passed. The bank has prepared special interest rate loans to support for investment, expansion, business improvement and revolving, such as star economic loans For natural persons and juristic persons in the agricultural processing business group Community tourism business and continuous connection including new entrepreneurs or production business with innovations or services in the community, interest rate of 3%, fixed for the first 3 years, installments for 7 years, loan of 1 million baht, installments of only 460 baht per day, and a loan from the Ministry of Industry 4.0 For borrowers who wish to register as a juristic person Charges a special interest rate of 1%, fixed throughout the period of 7 years, without repayment for the first 3 years, allowing small entrepreneurs with financial problems to borrow. (even having been restructured or non-continuous installments) borrow 1 million baht, pay only 410 baht per day

Importantly, the bank offers SME D Bank application services to facilitate SME entrepreneurs to be able to apply for a loan online immediately, anywhere, anytime via smartphone. know the result of the consideration within 7 days, also order the local branch staff to visit and survey the damage to help in a timely manner and open a call center number 1357 to receive financial assistance affected by this disaster Rest assured that you will receive the most urgent financial assistance from the bank.


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