Bank of Thailand kicks off! Platform ‘SME D Bank’, a new dimension of digital banking Complete answers for ‘small SMEs’ to fill capital, serve knowledge, survive sustainability

SME Development Bank launches platform ‘SME D Bank’, a new dimension of service in the digital age Through an application that meets all the needs of small SMEs, including finance, digital tools and knowledge, upholding the source of capital boost business immunity grow, survive, sustainably

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank) or SME Bank revealed that the bank opened the service ‘SME D Bank’ platform (Platform) aiming to provide convenience in accessing capital. and raising the level of SME entrepreneurs especially minor or a small person to be able to adapt to the 4.0 era in the form of applications (Application) on smartphones (Smart Phone) due to research between Bank of Thailand and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce found that most small SMEs do not dare to walk into financial institutions. Because of lack of readiness in qualifications, therefore, the service system through ‘SME D Bank’ will help the bank to know the identity and establishment of small SMEs. able to act as a department to quickly and locally support SMEs by themselves, with 3 main services, consisting of

1. Online loan application system The service is available at any time, anywhere, where users can check the rate of repayment per loan amount, including applying for a loan immediately. Just fill in the basic information The information will be forwarded to the bank branch in the location of the borrower’s establishment. The “Fuel Carriage” will run to meet within 7 days to inspect the actual business condition. Helping the little ones to increase the convenience of accessing the bank’s low-interest loans more easily.

Tools Box digital tools service To elevate the business to the 4.0 era, collect applications and software that helps SMEs to upgrade and reduce business costs, such as a point-of-sale system business plan writing system personnel management system warehouse system transportation management system Customer Relationship Management System see feng shui shops, etc. Initially, free trials of more than 50 applications will be available and will add up to 100 new tools by the end of this year (2018).

and 3. e-Library, a service of knowledge, news and How to in business, gathering necessary knowledge for SMEs. Whether it is management, marketing, quality standards, etc., presented in the form of articles, video clips, infographics, etc., helps entrepreneurs to have higher business immunity. By updating the information to be up-to-date suitable for practical application

Mr. Mongkol continued that digital banking services of general banks will focus on financial transaction services But for the ‘SME D Bank’ platform, it focuses on facilitating small SMEs to access low-interest loans. Which is supported by the government, such as the boss 4.0 interest loan at 1% and the star economy loan at 3% interest, etc., ready to build on with knowledge. and digital tools in order to survive and sustainable growth

In addition, it also adds special services, SME Privilege, offering various benefits. to users Every activity that users perform in the ‘SME D Bank’ system will be accumulated as points. For example, just sign up to receive 50 points immediately, login every day to receive 1 point per day, read articles, get 10 points. And watch the video clip until the end, get 10 points, etc. Points can be used to redeem various benefits from a network of partners and bank customers such as 30 points, get free 25 LINE Point redemption code, 10 points, get 2 free donuts from Mister Donut, 75 points, get 50 baht cash discount from Tesco Lotus, and 100 points get 100 baht free Starbucks eCoupon from Starbucks stores. etc. In addition, some items simply show that Load using the ‘SME D Bank’ platform and receive benefits like a 20% discount, a stay at “500 Rai Raft” and a 20% discount on all kinds of players from Thong Somboon Club, etc. You can download the ‘SME D Bank’ application to It’s accessible on the Play Store and soon on the App Store too. Initially, it’s estimated to have been downloaded and registered by about 10,000 people.


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