Bank of Thailand Roojai Thai SMEs Giving birth to a special interest loan package Top up capital to enhance liquidity to support the end of the year assets.


SME Bank Launches 3 packages of special interest loans Top up capital to enhance liquidity for SME entrepreneurs, ready to accept customer orders during the end of the year and welcome the new year. Raises answers to the needs, covering all groups, quick service, convenient loan submission through the SME D Bank platform, knowing the approval results in 7 days.


Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank or SME Development Bank) revealed that at the end of the year, most SME entrepreneurs will have a large number of orders from customers, so the bank can Issued 3 new credit products to add capital to help the business uninterrupted can produce products to meet the needs of customers covering all groups of entrepreneurs across the country, including


Top-up credit to support business quality with a total credit line of 1,000 million baht for existing customers of the Bank in all business groups. To enhance liquidity as working capital, invest, expand, improve the business to grow even more. Maximum loan amount of 1 million baht per person For outstanding debtors who have never changed their repayment terms (DR) and have never been restructured (TDR), the interest rate is MLR -0.5 percent per annum, and for debtors who have changed their repayment terms (DR) and /or has had debt restructuring (TDR) charged interest rate MLR per annum


Loan project to provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs in the 3 southern border provinces (Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat), which is a continuous project since 2017 from the cooperation between the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) ) and partner agencies To support entrepreneurs in the 3 southern border provinces Get ultra-low interest funding Can be used as working capital to restore the business to continue This will lead to the creation of a strong economy in the area, comparable to other regions.


As a result of the past projects Received good feedback from operators in the area The bank has therefore expanded the credit limit. from the original maximum of 5 million baht per person increased to a maximum of 15 million baht per person The loan limit is no more than 5 million baht for individuals and juristic persons, a loan limit of 5-10 million baht for juristic persons in the group of 10 S-Curves, and a loan amount of 10 million baht or more. For legal entities in group 10 S-Curves and related businesses which is in the area of ​​the model city project “Strong Triangle, Prosperous, Sustainable” (Su-ngai Kolok District, Narathiwat Province, Betong District, Yala Province and Nong Chik District, Pattani Province) Maximum loan term of 7 years, 1.5 percent per year, no repayment of principal. first 12 months


and a loan project to promote employment with a total amount of 1,000 million baht for SME entrepreneurs registered with the Social Security Office to have funds to use for working in the business enhance liquidity and increase labor SMEs that employ no more than 50 people, provide a maximum loan amount of no more than 5 million baht per person. SMEs with employment from 51 to 200 people can provide a maximum loan amount of no more than 10 million baht per person. and SMEs that employ more than 200 people, providing a maximum loan amount of not more than 15 million baht per person. The maximum loan term is 7 years, the interest is charged according to the bank’s conditions, for example, in the case of collateral under the bank’s normal criteria, the 1-3 year interest rate is 3% per year, the 4th-7th year the interest rate is MLR + 0.5%. per year and in case of using TCG as a guarantee for full year 1-3, interest rate is 5% per year, year 4-7, interest rate is MLR + 2.0 per year, etc.


Mr. Mongkol further said that from the 3 such loans Combined with loans that banks already have, such as star economic loans For natural persons and juristic persons, the interest rate is 3%, fixed for the first 3 years, installments for 7 years, and the boss loan 4.0 from the Ministry of Industry. for legal entities Charge a special interest rate of 1% fixed throughout the period of 7 years, etc. We are confident that we will support all groups of SMEs to have a choice to access funding sources that are suitable for themselves. can be used to enhance liquidity invest in business expansion or increase employment help product production Just in time for the orders of many customers who will come in during the new year’s eve and welcome the new year.


In addition, SME Bank facilitates entrepreneurs to access credit more easily and quickly. through the SME D Bank platform service, which is an online loan application application work in tandem with the mobile service unit “The horse-drawn carriage, promotes Thai SMEs, quickly reach the country” when entrepreneurs apply for a loan online. The information will be sent to the database immediately and within 3 days the bank officer will contact you back. to make an appointment for the horse-drawn carriage unit to run to see the empirical data on real business operations Able to consider loans without collateral Operators get approval results in 7 days, completely eliminating time and place restrictions.

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