Bank of Thailand warns entrepreneurs not to trust the company that sells agricultural products. by impersonating Bank of Thailand that will receive special privileges in applying for loans

Bank of Thailand issued a warning to operators Don’t be fooled by the company that sells agricultural products. Persuade members to apply for membership by impersonating the bank’s name. that will receive special privileges in applying for a loan It’s not totally true.

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank or SME Development Bank) said that now the case A company that operates direct sales of agricultural products has persuaded groups of farmers in the Northeast to join as members By buying shares and will receive dividends on a daily basis in a continuous high amount. as well as to find additional members and purchase products from the company If farmers invest and apply for membership with the company will receive special privileges to apply for a loan from the Bank of Thailand in the amount of 600,000 baht per person, in which case Bank of Thailand confirms that It’s not totally true. The bank is not involved in and does not have a policy to grant special credit approval to any private company. Absolutely do not believe such claims.

Many entrepreneurs from farmers groups from Chaiyaphum and Mukdahan provinces have contacted the bank branches in the area. in order to obtain special privileges in applying for a loan with the bank Initially, the bank had explained the facts. and have all contactors register as evidence with their identification cards to be used as evidence against the fraudulent company. Chaiyaphum Province Branch and Mukdahan Province to explain the criteria of the Bank of Thailand to the villagers who are members of the said company that the bank is not affiliated with the company in any way

For the criteria for providing assistance to entrepreneurs who are small and medium enterprises which must be a manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler and service provider in accordance with the objectives set out in Small and Medium Enterprises Development Bank of Thailand Act for the development, promotion, assistance and support for establishment, operation, expansion or improvement of small and medium enterprises. by providing loans, guarantees, joint investments, giving advice, recommending or providing other necessary services

If entrepreneurs wish to request assistance from the bank, they can contact any bank branch or online channel SME D BANK at any time or Call Center 1357.


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