”Black Sheep Coffee”, a dark-flavored coffee shop, has an idea to create a new landmark. Pak Nam Pho City.


Today, if visiting Pak Nam Pho Many people, especially coffee lovers Do not miss having to visit the shop “Black Sheep Coffee”


What is the reason for this coffee shop Can win customers’ hearts Leading prominent in the market And able to expand up to 5 stores in no time The answer is correct by “Khun Wannisa Klinchai” A young woman with a strong heart. Business owner, Lamdam Coffee, Nakhon Sawan Company Limited


From..Farm Farmer Reported the birth of “Black Sheep Coffee”


The “Black Sheep Coffee” coffee shop is a business of Khun Wannisa Klinchai, who grew up in a farming family in Nakhon Sawan, even growing up to open an account office. With such a business that has to work hard with numbers almost all day Some midnight midnight to get to sleep. Everyday life therefore drink quite a lot of coffee, 6-7 glasses a day. Absorbed and bound to this drink more and more. Until became inspired to want to open a coffee shop


“When we drink a variety of coffee Have gone to many coffee stalls, including talking to friends about wanting to have their own coffee shop Everyone agrees But no one takes seriously I decided to do it myself with my girlfriend (Pee Tua), another issue that I would like to open a shop. Because want to have a career in which the fans can work near each other (Lollipop), because originally Tua worked in the media, the chances of being together were therefore small Then studied the coffee business seriously. “Khun Wannisa began to be interested in running a coffee shop.




First kick-off branch Response more than expected


Year 2013, “Black Sheep Coffee” informs the first branch of birth at Soi Watchara, Nakhon Sawan, leading the parking area in front of their accounting office. Come to renovate into a coffee shop Using the first investment of approximately 800,000 baht, which has received good feedback from customers. The first month sells 100 glasses per day and continuously increases to 200-300 glasses per day and can pay back the entire capital within 6 months.


Asked what is good about the black sheep shop to meet the coffee lovers. Khun Wanisa pointed to the first point is the beautiful decoration. Different from other cafes In the neighborhood Based on the natural style mixed with modern, when entering, feel warm and friendly The staff are polite, attentive, and also have Free Wifi. Suitable for sitting, relaxing, or chatting.


At the same time, giving importance to the selection of various raw materials That is an ingredient in a cup of coffee, including maintaining a consistent standard of coffee. How many times have customers come to drink? The taste must be the same.


“The name of the Lamb Black Coffee shop comes from the difference of the dark coffee flavor. And has a unique flavor And is a short name that is easy to remember which in reality The most delicious coffee. No It depends on who likes what kind of flavor But the components that make the coffee taste good, however, must depend on 3 parts: 1. Coffee maker The machine performance must be good. 2. Raw materials and formulas must be good Which will make the coffee taste good and standard, and 3. Barista must have knowledge of these 3 parts must blend together to make it fit and come out well, “said the creator of Black Sheep Coffee.


Expanded the business to become a complete coffee shop selling agent


After opening a coffee shop for about 1 year, there was a turning point for the business to grow. When being contacted by the coffee importing company And the country’s largest coffee-related equipment Which traveled from Bangkok to find a shop to be approached to be a center for selling fresh coffee business equipment in 5 provinces, namely Nakhon Sawan, Kamphaeng Phet, Chainat, Uthai Thani and Tak


“When the company came to contact to be an agent I replied that We don’t have any knowledge about coffee makers. He then invited to go to see the representative model business in Chiang Mai for 3 days. Upon returning, we saw the opportunity to expand the business to more than just a beautiful coffee shop. One shop only Which the company has condition that If being a representative Must be registered as a juristic person Because of doing business with that big company Juristic persons are more reliable. Makes us upgrade the business to be a juristic person named “Black Dam Coffee Co., Ltd. Nakhon Sawan” Khun Wannisa revealed the key to further expand the business


When logging in to the legal entity Accessing capital to grow a business is not difficult. Because there are various banks Came to meet to offer funds to But the financial institution that responded the most was Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank because of its outstanding features, both low interest and most importantly, the officers closely monitor Encouraged to receive a credit approval within 7 days in the amount of 5 million baht to use to stock products. To resell to various coffee shops in the area


“Lam Dum Coffee Co., Ltd. Nakhon Sawan is the dream of many people who want to open a coffee shop. Today, there are over 500 customer bases, serving from upstream, midstream to downstream, from the selection and distribution of raw materials. Top grade Selling tools and equipment There are institutions to teach coffee business development. And give advice on how to run a coffee shop. “A good girl shows her current business image.




Expand business wings Twin coffee shop, Nakhon Sawan


“From ignorance to not retreat until being proficient in business” This is a sentence that Khun Wannisa Define the coffee shop business in the past Although in the beginning there is no knowledge about this business industry at all. But after doing it Intense, serious attention, discouraged but not slow, gradually accumulating experience until masterful, profound, true knowledge in everything related and necessary, making today “Black Sheep Coffee” stepped into a coffee shop that local people are familiar with. Can be extended to another 4 branches which are Branch 2, Wiang Doi Intersection, Nakhon Sawan Province, Nakhon Sawan Branch, Branch 3, Mae Sot District, Tak Province, Branch 4 Way of Theep Department, Nakhon Sawan Province, located in the parking lot with Way of Thepp Department Store and branch at 5 Viman Man Road, Nakhon Sawan Province


From the first day to December 2019, the Black Sheep business will turn 6 years old, having sold more than 1 million cups of coffee. The average sales in each branch are several hundred thousand baht per month.


“What is happening with the business We have come a long way. Future plans Looking at sustainability By planning to build strong personnel Developing a new generation to be substituted continuously There is a new production of barista every month. If people are ready, we dare to open a new branch. Because the definition of Black Ram Coffee in every branch, taste, quality must be the same. “Khun Wannisa revealed the business idea.




Proceed to sculpt “Black Sheep Land”, the land of coffee lovers


From the first day she thought of opening her own coffee shop to this day, she admitted that Come far beyond expectations If evaluating the heart that drives the business to grow Caused by maintaining the same standard of flavor Pay attention to every cup of coffee served to customers. Come with great service And add new things Always emphasizing interest To allow customers to stay in the store for a long time


In addition, in terms of doing business with various partners Reliability is the most important When able to enter the standard of a single accounting system Makes everyone look at the business to be honest, transparent All banks Ready to release a loan Create opportunities to access funding sources. Helps to expand more business. In addition, when we are able to maintain credit, payment must be made on time. Even more reliable Benefiting the business in every respect


Khun Wannisa concluded the future business plan. Will create a brand “Black Sheep Coffee” is known nationally. Currently under construction, “Black Sheep Land” consists of a coffee shop and a coffee learning center. In order to become a complete kingdom of coffee lovers And is a new tourism landmark of Nakhon Sawan


In addition, developing franchise business systems Allowing those interested to invest in expanding their business in different areas. For the next time, this black sheep is not just the star business of Pak Nam Pho. But will be the beloved brand of Thai people all over the country




For business contact, call 081- 886-4088, 090-919-2499 or Facebook: Black Sheep Coffee Nakhon Sawan.


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