”Blacksmith” stainless steel model, DIY design, unique Thai identity for cool.


Representatives of Thai identity such as elephants, tuk-tuksuksan and Wat Arun, Ratchawararam Combined with special production techniques, using “stainless steel” material comes with a superlative design. Challenge your skills to build your own. Become a product “DIY stainless steel model” is suitable as a souvenir or a collection of luxury, rich value, pleasing to customers both domestic and foreign tourists.
The products mentioned above are works from new generation entrepreneurs, “Demand for wealth” and “Suree Pornsawatvorawit”, Productions Idea Co., Ltd., started as an importer of stainless steel model products. 3D DIY from abroad Before further developing their own products under the brand “Blacksmith”.




Demand extended to listen that about 5 years ago, resigned from a regular job. Come to enter the business to import DIY stainless steel models due to the impression of real beauty as well as being featured even though made of stainless steel But there is no sharp edge to cause harm to the operator Most imported products are superhero models. And important places in the world Relying on the consignment marketing channel in the idea store And souvenir shops throughout the country


“The imported stainless steel model has a good response. Because the DIY (Do it yourself) trend is becoming popular among collectors and the products we bring are beautiful. And very detailed After importing the product for about 2 years, I would like to make some modest stainless steels about Thai identity. Because in the market there is no product of this type before, which means that there is a chance of an open market. Tell about inspiration To create a 3D model of stainless steel DIY Thai design


For the production process Demand and team Will design the model, then send it to the factory producing stainless steel models in foreign countries Produce as needed Use the technique produced by firing the laser onto the stainless steel plan into sheets. Ready to continue with the initial assembly, there are 4 types, namely, elephant, tuk-tuk-kon, and the temple of dawn. Beautiful Can be assembled easily and accurately Suitable for novice beginners who are starting to play DIY work or buy to give as souvenirs.


Sureeporn added that the first intention Target customers to foreign tourists visiting Thailand. Buy back as souvenirs or souvenirs, but in reality Thai people also give good feedback. Since the trend of DIY products is getting very popular, the current proportion of customers is 70% foreigners and 30% Thai people.


For the DIY stainless steel model of “Blacksmith”, the price is around 600-1,000 baht. In addition, the company also imports imported copyright products from abroad as well. There are more than 500 products on hand. There are more than 200 sales channels via agents such as shops, souvenirs, bookstores and department stores etc. along with online.




In addition, expanding the business, launching new products, linking products, groups of souvenirs, souvenirs for tourists, is a map set and postcard scraping the brand Good Weather. Entertain the tourists, scrape the search In order to go on the trail Or grated as a guard symbol There is now a map of Thailand. Japan and the world map, priced at 490-690 baht per set, which has been well received by both Thai and foreign customers.


“The company aims to develop products continuously. From the DIY stainless steel model imported into the product itself, then developed into a map set. And scraping postcards Linking as a tourism product Make customers have many choices The business development of the company has been supported by low interest funds from the government sector. (SMEs Development Fund according to the state line By the Ministry of Industry And the Ministry of Finance Through the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME D Bank), the interest rate is only 1% per year). Helping SMEs entrepreneurs like us. Can grow. “Demand specifies




Another success factor of this Thai SMEs Comes from adaptation Marketing to respond directly to the current consumer behavior From offline to online Which currently focuses on public relations via online media. Relying on the influencer of tourism Acting to present products from actual use Causing a current in the online world Together with creating the best product quality When the customer buys and impresses Will repeat the purchase Including telling Helping the product to report birth and standing in the market


As for the future business plan laid down Continue to do online marketing continuously. Create product quality better than similar products in the market Create a brand that is widely known. And adapt to keep up with consumer behavior


Because the product is outstanding With a distinct identity Developing quality and marketing always makes various products from Productions Idea Co., Ltd. able to pin the products in the souvenir market for Thai and foreign tourists successfully.


Contact: Tel. 091-435-7467, FB: BlacksmithTH.


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