Boa Wattana Resort opens Tin mine Bua Vatana Resort Turns the business into a tourism era 4.0 Theory novelty great to answer business survival.

From the son of a wealthy mining owner. In the glory days into the sluggishness of the tin. Life is a business revolution, a struggle between life and business, yes, and not misunderstandings, the crisis is turning into a problem, so it becomes a source of trouble. Mining business Transformed Dream Tree House The resort is surrounded by the nature of Suan Phueng.

Back to 20 years . This area used to be a tin mine.




Mr.Vorapol Buawattana Suksa Owner of BuaVatana Resort Tell me that. In childhood grow up with a garden. At home, tin mining business. In that era, the boom of tin mining.

“Mine says it’s a boom one day, it comes to a stagnant period. We have financial problems during the year 2, I feel that there is a lot of time left. I want to earn. So I went to drive a car. I used to sell used car tents at a time, I was experiencing a second-hand business crisis, so I have to quit and go home. “


I came back to open a hardware store selling construction equipment for the period 1995-1996. The business is like it is good, but really just enough to tell mom to stop doing the sale with me. Hardware store It made me have more time.

Initiate 3 Bamboo Cabins” in the life


“I had a chance to go to Talu Island. Have to see the bungalow. The coconut wings are made behind. We came back home to see that. Our house is near the waterfall. With 500 meters of hot water, it would be a natural attraction. Interesting I decided to develop this land. I made my first three bamboo bamboos with my own bathroom for 500 baht per night. I got 500 baht first, I was very happy because I felt I did not lose a lot after that, I have customers all the time. “



Customers are getting more and more. I want to stay strong and durable. We started creating more. Make a bank loan appears. Bubble burst bank not approved loans announced the baht. I have to finance myself with the path, but it is done. Become a home in three slats at the time. We are limited, the room will be simple, fan, air conditioning, some rooms will be a four-legged group of people walking out of the forest. “


Social Change Down the old resort.


My bungalow business is open all the time. Until one day It was a change of scenery resort, which is a white boutique resort atmosphere. Beach Happened in the garden. And it’s the same age. With pantip Which is social Spread the word fast, who has nothing to post beautiful. In pantip The new generation is very popular. This boutique resort has been built quickly. The flow of the park has increased.




I’m loser, but the resort is ruined !!


“Suanpeung  Boom sounds good. But for me. I became a resort that is going to go bankrupt. At the moment the garden is booming. I’m starting to get old, I’m not stylish, it makes me lose every month. Because people choose new, more modern. It’s not just nature. I lost it. At that time I started to lose heart. I do not know how to do it.


“New, enormous, great” answer business survival.


I was originally a person who ignored the news began to change themselves began listening. Let us develop the idea. To find a way out. From business down One time, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) organized seminars to educate. Travel There is one lecture that he says ..


“From now on, it will be a” great novelty “business.


The “strange” theory of the tree house hits the pantip.


“The word became a problem that made me think back to myself. I would choose to be something new, big and good, I was not because of no money. But I chose to be strange … but I do not know how to do it. I have the idea to create a “tree house” home in the dream of many children. Everyone wants to climb up. And on that, it appears that I made up. It made me strange. I will have to know. Out of the media. Without advertising costs. People started to recognize me as “tree house”. Later, it made me cheer up. “


SME loan can be “new – big – good”


“The word” new “to” good “, I know what to do to make it big and good, but we have no money left because it has been in losses for many consecutive years. My luck is that SME Bank has a loan scheme. Help business travelers.


“The first SME made me change. The change in this is that I got a ‘new good’ in the next opportunity. I brought Renovate money to the room and it was good to have a good standard with air conditioner, TV, hot water, refrigerator, customer service. The second big business loan revived is that I have created a room to add a new exquisite formula to make me turn over again.


New generation shopping chill share


Mr. Worapol said that the world is faster. The people of this era like to enjoy shopping, live chill chill live in the city full of people like a telephone cable. We take this opportunity to develop our business.


Bua Vatana Resort has 30 guest rooms, starting from 1,100-1,500 Baht, but the size of the family is 2,000-4,500 Baht. There are also areas. Tent camping is also available.



Coffee Shop, Confectionery, Coffee Bridge


SMB One to the shop. “Coffee candy bridge” coffee shop I was attached to a coffee shop in Suan Phueng. I have a regular customer, it is my good fortune to get a loan from the bank, which now pay back. “



Lastly Survival ….


“On the day of crisis, I do not think that. How do we know that we have to fix it? What needs to be improved to get a new generation of customers to come quickly. More incoming But we do not have the capital …… the account is not good. Do not think that money from SME Bank. So I went back to my homework to analyze that if we had this money to do business survive. And finally, it survived … “



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