“Bueng Kan” charm of nature with faith pushing tourism to the upper wind SME D Bank supports local SMEs Move your business forward to success

“Bueng Kan” charm of nature with faith pushing tourism to the upper wind
SME D Bank supports local SMEs Move your business forward to success

Faith, Faith and Nature Abundance Create a unique identity that combines tourism in Bueng Kan province perfectly. support this new province It has potential and is ready to welcome foreign tourists to come in and experience it. continually benefit help distribute income Create a career for the community by the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank, ready to continue to support SMEs in the area, enhance business potential Meet demand and seize business opportunities from tourism growth.

Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat, Managing Director of SME D Bank, said that Bueng Kan was a newly established province in 2011, counted as the 77th in the country, separated from Nong Khai Province. There is continuous economic growth. Because there are eco-tourism attractions such as Naka Cave, Nakhi Cave, Sam Wan Hin, Bueng Khong Long and Phu Thok, etc., resulting in tourism continuously expanding according to the needs of foreign tourists who travel to travel in large numbers. Support local entrepreneurs to invest, expand or improve their business especially hotels and resorts Including businesses related to tourism.

Therefore, SME D Bank, a bank for Thai SMEs ready to promote SME entrepreneurs through the filling process “Knowledge and capital” to drive SMEs in the area towards sustainable growth bring access to funding sources Maximum loan amount of 50 million baht, special interest rate and a maximum repayment period of 15 years, allowing business management to be more appropriate and efficient. Along with development services, consulting and advice throughout the business path.

Mr. Jaroon Saenpim, a resort accommodation business operator “Huan Kiang Bueng”, Bueng Kan Province It is one of the SMEs that seize the opportunity from the growth of tourism within the province. Tells about the beginning of the business that was originally engaged in the construction business. When I saw this land, about 7 rai, it was beautiful, good location. So decided to invest and buy and keep. Admittedly, at first, I didn’t think about doing a business related to tourism at all. But when Bueng Kan Has been announced as the 77th province of Thailand, showing signs of tourism becoming more active. Especially the tourism link between Nakhon Phanom Province and Bueng Kan Province that will be more important in the future. therefore decided to invest in a resort to open for tourists to travel to relax Based on the principle that must do good, make quality to be the first choice for tourists

The highlight of “Huan Kieng Bueng” is its construction in harmony with nature. not a tall building But focusing on designing a resort similar to staying at home Each room has an additional living room area. clearly separated from the bedroom even though it takes up a lot of space but choose to do To make a difference with other accommodations, including the location of the resort near the tourist center of Bueng Kan Province Whether it is the Palace of Chao Pu U Lue Nakharat, Sam Wan Hin, Naka Cave, Nakhi Cave, and next to the Mekong Long lake, etc. There is also a tour boat service. Make Huean Khiang Bueng stand out. Plus, it’s convenient and fast travel from Nakhon Phanom Airport, only 120 kilometers away.

Currently, there are 22 rooms with attention to design and quality construction. As a result, the rate of tourists is fully occupied every day. Accommodation prices start at 700 – 2,500 baht per night (depending on the size of the room and the number of tourists staying). The main customers are foreign Thai tourists who travel from all regions of the country.

“Nature’s abundance variety of attractions and the lives of people in the area including good weather considered as the charm of Bueng Kan Province Reflecting the trend of tourism in the past. It’s called good days and nights. There are many tourists interested in visiting. Importantly, there are many other tourist attractions in Bueng Kan such as Tham Phra Waterfall, Chet Si Waterfall, which is considered a good tourist attraction. arising from the wonders of nature that support the accommodation Reflected from the reservation of Huean Kiang Bueng More than 2 consecutive months of full booking in advance Including the word of mouth from tourists who used to use the service, ”said Jaroon.

However, the situation of COVID-19 that occurred, Mr. Jaroon stated that it was an important lesson for SME entrepreneurs. that reminds you to do anything The consequences should be taken into account. or there may be an unexpected event Or can’t control, so doing business must be well planned. be more careful Especially the investment that requires a close look at various situations. The accommodation of “Huan Kiang Bueng” has only 22 rooms, which can be easily managed. And it is also a room that is friendly to customers. Value for money

At the same time, the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank is more than a financial institution. with services that care about SMEs During difficult times from the COVID-19 situation The construction business that was operating was severely affected, but “I survived because of SME D Bank” because at that time, the amount of money was 2-3 million baht, there was still a lack of liquidity. Can’t run business But the help of SME D Bank with credit products that meet the needs Helps to bring existing construction contracts as collateral. Resulting in having capital to circulate liquidity Help businesses be able to recover again.

future business plan from the growth of Bueng Kan tourism makes looking at the upgrade to provide more comprehensive services Additional group or group services from government agencies There is a need to use a meeting place, seminar, with a plan to invest in building a meeting room and a restaurant to support the needs. With the addition of 7-8 additional VIP rooms, helping “Huan Kiang Bueng” to provide more comprehensive services. moving towards sustainable growth

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