”Chaobaan Organic” new thinking farmers The farmer career is rich.


Thai farmer’s occupation Most have to mix with the poverty. Debt And poor health Because it must be close to the chemical at all times This is something that has always been in the heart of “Thitiphat Sukasem” since being born and raised in a family that has a long career in the area of ​​Nakhon Sawan.


Since remember See Father Na Na Both hard and tired But the family is still not rich The position is still enough. Because of having to face the problem of falling rice prices It is a debt to the system, so it is thought that If having to continue the farmer’s career from Father, then the same status Please stop the idea of ​​a peasant career first. But a major turning point occurred when studying near university graduates. At that time, the government was having a rice pledge scheme of 15,000 baht per ton, which is a very attractive price.


“At that time, the government organized promotions for rice farmers. Because the price is much higher than the market Already made a profit So I became interested in the knowledge of making a new theory. In order to find a way to reduce costs Helping farming at home When deducting costs, then getting more money, “Thitipat recalls the first step into the farmer’s career.


From never interested in farming profession before Began to help with family work For important reasons Would like to ease the burden of parents Do not have to work hard and tired anymore. At the age of 23 years, he decided to take a serious rice grower career. After the end of the rice pledge program Having to find a way to not have to face the same problems initially In the past, Riceberry rice was getting popular with new Thai people.




Thitiphat said that since that time Still new to the industry The first part is therefore full of problems and obstacles. Especially when having to hire a mill to make rice color, therefore, has a high production cost. And cannot fully control the quality of rice as needed The first period is like a trial and error and learn the fact that To make a successful agricultural career Not easy


The important issue that young farmers see is that if they do traditional rice farming, they will grow rice and hire rice mills as needed in order to sell to the big rice companies only. This method was difficult to succeed. Because of the high cost And are often underrepresented, therefore changing ideas and practices By looking for markets that require products “High quality organic rice” together with creating a network of farmers to grow quality rice according to the market needs. This method helps to sell products with higher value.


The 29-year-old man added that 3 years ago, he encouraged farmers in areas such as Nakhon Sawan, Phichit, Chai Nat and Uthai Thani to grow “100% organic rice”. After that, all the produce will be purchased. To be sold to customers who want premium organic rice products Under the conditions that the contract was made clearly with the network that The product must meet the required quality.


Such methods, the heart must be able to buy the farmers’ hearts to join as a network. So when the growers come into the network Will be encouraged to pursue a happy farming career And have a fair income With full support From managing the seeds, rice and organic fertilizers to all, and most importantly, guaranteeing the purchase price is higher than the general market When the farmer brought the rice grown to deliver Will pay in cash immediately


“I am a farmer Made the farmers know the problems and needs of the rice farmers well. In fact, the farmers do not want to grow rice using chemicals, but the past needs to be done in order to obtain large quantities of produce. In a quick time In order to hurry to sell rice to get money to use debt and to invest in buying rice seeds in the next round, but the past has done even more negative I see a way to help network groups. Therefore acting as a market seeker The network group is responsible for growing good quality rice according to the agreed specification. ”


Present from ordinary peasant career Change to run a full business. By registering as a juristic person, Chaobaan Organic Company Limited has a network of nearly 10 groups of members, buying more than 2,500 tons of wasted rice from members per year. send to Thitiphat admits that Require a very high reserve liquidity Which this point has been supported by the government By the Ministry of Finance And the Ministry of Industry Through the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank to help increase working capital with special interest loans In the SME Development Fund project based on the civil state.




“My business is like an ordinary car. But when funded by a civil state fund, SME D Bank is like a turbo-charged vehicle Grow fast Because of having a low interest capital source Helps to reduce costs And make us dare to make decisions on investment, expand business From the initial sales in the year 2016 in the amount of 3,100,000 baht to 36 million baht in the year 2018. ”


In addition, additional funding from SME D Bank has been requested to further expand the business. Since building a rice mill and investing in his own machinery worth 7,000,000 baht in order to better control product quality Meanwhile Reduce production costs, no longer have to hire an external rice mill. In addition, researching and developing products and raw materials from production to make various products under their own brand Chaobaan Organic, whether it is rice Premium grade packing bags Cold-pressed Riceberry Nose Oil And rice berry flour etc.


With only 29 years old, Thitipat is one of the full-fledged organic rice business operators in Nakhon Sawan province, with a dream that in the next 3-5 years, it will expand the ideas and processes. Organic farming To other agricultural products which will benefit all parties Since consumers have eaten good quality agricultural products, safe for health The environment is rich.


And more importantly, rice growers Quality of life Well-being and health and financial status Without having to be caught up in poverty and debt anymore.




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