Chian Yai drinking water Local brand, clean, safe, beloved by the people of Khon

Think different .. create opportunities to report “Chian Yai drinking water” local brands

Clean, safe, beloved by the people of Khon


“Think different, create opportunities” approach that Mr. Patcharachai Phanthong, former Thai government official Uphold as a weapon to overcome life obstacles Until able to push oneself to prove proficiency Report of new entrepreneur Produce drinking water brand “Chian Yai Drinking Water” hit the local market in Nakhon Si Thammarat.


Going back 10 years ago, Khun Patcharachai said that he was originally from Yala when he stepped into the working age, choosing to work in his hometown. Have a small family Together together Travel life on a simple and easy, when unexpected events occur. Families have been affected by the unrest in the three southern border provinces. As head of the family For safety Decided to relocate to settle at Chian Yai District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Wife’s hometown

“At that time, it was very difficult. All of a sudden Life changes overnight. Resign from government service, moving house, displaced in exile From having a regular salary Spend smoothly Everything started to get stuck. But to be discouraged, didn’t have time. The only thing that was considered at that time was Looking for a way to make a living Therefore began to observe the way of life of the people in the area, it was found that almost every Chian Yai district ordered drinking water from other areas for consumption But no one made drinking water for sale by themselves. Maybe because building a drinking water plant requires a high investment. Risk of loss Or maybe because there is a drinking water plant already Ordering is a lot easier, but from this point I think differently. Anything that has not yet been started. That is a high chance of occurrence. In creating a new business “

When deciding to start a small drinking water production business under the brand “Chian Yai Drinking Water” by starting to produce and sell to the villagers in the neighborhood, gradually expanding the group into shops, restaurants, government agencies in the area Or even school Drinking water quality guaranteed. Clean, safe, excellent service. Like no one else has done before in the locality. Soon, “Chian Yai drinking water” became familiar. There is a better response. The market extended to Surat Thani province. Phatthalung Resulting in sales rising continuously

“Running a drinking water production business was very new at that time. The more I have been in civil service all along. When he comes to play the role of a female seller Say that in all Days need to speed up learning, brain, thinking, hands, feet doing, running in circles, trial and error. Until coming to be sealed as the principle of doing business, which is to create quality standards for drinking water by “Chian Yai Drinking Water” which has received the FDA no. 80-2-00962-5-0001 and the RO and UV water system standard. Cannot be neglected Service issues Must be punctual Closely take care of customers Will order more, order less Everyone is an important customer. ”

When business starts to grow Of course, problems and obstacles will inevitably increase. Whether the needs of more customers In the past, the production capacity of the drinking water plant was able to produce 3,000 bottles / day, but the customer demand was up to 10,000 bottles / day. Also affecting the gem transportation system too Because at that time there was only 1 pickup truck, 1 motorcycle tow side for running, delivering drinking water to customers Employees have to work hard, no time to rest, transportation is delayed later than scheduled. Damage followed

The business expansion is an alternative that Khun Patcharachai put forward to solve problems and obstacles that occur. But how to expand for sustainable growth, this is a difficult question. In addition, there are regulations that must be achieved in concrete Because there is a bet that life must not return to a difficult day Like the new beginning of the family again

“At that time it was like falling into a whirlpool. Business is going very well. Stumble because we can’t support growth. Trying to figure out a solution The only way that I see it is to expand the business. But how to expand? Where do funds come from? This point is really dark. But as I said There is always a chance in a crisis. Fortunately, I was advised by OTOP operators in the area to get to know SME D Bank, a state financial institution. Which provides loans with special interest rates I immediately knew that a small business Ours is saved. ”

“Chian Yai Drinking Water” receives credit services from Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank by using it as working capital. Buy modern machinery Produce drinking water more quickly Able to handle the volume of orders from the customers who pour in without worries Including the expansion of transportation systems Increase the number of service vehicles. Make the service efficient Keep up with customers’ use. Considered another way to reinforce confidence in the business.

In addition, Ms. Patcharachai also joined to add knowledge with training activities. “Income tax and tax measures relating to individuals and juristic persons” organized by SME D Bank and Area Revenue Office. Nakhon Si Thammarat Province To increase competitiveness Understand tax measures and regulations Clearly aware of the importance of commercial registration It is an essential knowledge for Thai entrepreneurs in the present time.

From the obstacles encountered 10 years ago with different concepts, finding opportunities in crisis And strive to develop the business continuously. There is also SME D Bank to be by side. Today, “Chian Yai Drinking Water” can therefore firmly flag the business. As a drinking water business Local brand With production standards And the service can meet the needs of consumers very well

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Business Name: “Chian Yai Drinking Water” brand

Carrier Name:: Patchara Chaiphanthong

Contact number: 089-978-3545

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