CHIANGMAI Direct transforms the sucker into a bang Good servic friendly price Prominently loved by the people of Chiang Mai

“CHIANGMAI Direct” transforms the bad choo into a bang!
Good service, friendly price. Prominently loved by the people of Chiang Mai

in the middle of the retail and wholesale business field Most of the market leaders are giant capital groups from both domestic and foreign countries, but in Chiang Mai Authentic local wholesale retailers like “Chiang Mai Direct” (CHIANGMAI Direct) can be inserted at the forefront of the industry. Occupying the hearts of Chiang Mai customers for more than 25 years with warm service like Thai people. but internationally modern

Chiang Mai Direct Pioneered Khun Uthai Buntham and Khun Suree Buntham, former employees of cosmetic sales position. who changed their lives to create their own business Since more than 25 years ago, the building was sold for 2 booths at Kadthanin, Muang District, Chiang Mai Province.

Khun Suree said that back to the beginning. community retail store Or known as “sho-Huay”, especially in Chiang Mai, to buy products in a shop. The shop owner will be the one to pick up the products. especially as a cosmetic product Customers rarely have the opportunity to try, compare, or pick up the products themselves.

Therefore, when opening a Chiang Mai Direct store, Khun Suree uses the customer’s needs as the center. Modernize the service of the shop Customers can choose to test the product fully. There is also a membership system from the first day of opening the shop. with continuous promotional activities whether it is a discount, exchange, giveaway, which at that time considered something new and very modern For local retail and wholesale businesses


Khun Suree added that because she is a small entrepreneur The difficulty in the beginning was to contact the manufacturers of well-known brands to sell products to the store. and even more difficult Must be sent to sell at a low price. in order to be able to sell to customers at an affordable price The approach is aimed at negotiating with partners on a case-by-case basis. and tell about the benefits that will occur to all parties When bringing products to sell at Chiang Mai Direct stores Whether the product owner, shop owner, and most importantly, consumers

with good service Plus products with friendly prices that are liked by such consumers. Send it to the business of Chiang Mai Direct shop. Notify the customer of the birth. Word of mouth. Help the business to continue to grow

However, during the past 20 years, there have been challenges. When modern trade foreigners have a thick capital began to penetrate the market in Thailand By opening a branch in Chiang Mai, near Chiang Mai Direct, Khun Suree admits that at that time he was very worried about being snatched by customers. Despite the continuous improvement of business development but was afraid to fight Because the issue of funds is completely different, but what actually happened The first day, sales dropped slightly. Because the customer went to try the modern trade service, but the next day, the sales returned to normal after that until now. Regardless of whether there is any new modern trade to open in Chiang Mai, it does not affect the sales of Chiang Mai Direct stores at all. reflect that The most important competitor is “self”, therefore, strives to create excellent service. Along with finding good quality products to sell at a friendship price.

“We use modern trade as the norm. In order to develop ourselves, our policy is that any promotion is available in modern trade. Our shop must have it as well. Product price compared to one on one ours must be cheaper or at least the same Some products we sell at cost. for Chiang Mai customers to get the most benefit Along with having good service standards. both before and after the sale. Most importantly, the charm of being a local business Take care of customers closely, warm and sincere. Most customers buy products since they were young. until they grow up together.” Business owners Revealing the key that keeps winning the hearts of customers in Chiang Mai


From a shophouse, now Chiang Mai Direct have partners both major product manufacturers SME level, including more than 200 communities, enter more than ten thousand products to sell in the store. able to expand all 4 branches, including Kadthanin branch Chiang Mai Gate Branch Airport Intersection Branch and a branch behind Chiang Mai University which is characterized by the modern decoration of the shop Expand the customer group to the new generation

Business that continues to perform well Until the COVID-19 crisis severely affected Especially during the first wave of epidemic prevention measures, people stopped at home. causing sales to drop by more than 40% Aiming to do more online marketing at the same time, there is the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank to help support funding. enhance business liquidity Make the situation of the shop improve accordingly.

“I’m very impressed with SME D Bank, especially the Chiang Mai branch staff members. In addition to helping to access cheap interest loans. also warmly cared for Provide advice and advice every step of the way. Until now, we are close like brothers and sisters. which is a feeling that has never been experienced by other financial institutions.”


Covid-19 poisoning that affects everyone, Khun Suree concluded that as a local wholesale retailer will adhere to the method of selling good quality products at the lowest price possible To be a part of alleviating the burden of suffering for the Chiang Mai brothers and sisters So that we can go through this difficult time together.

with the aim of taking the benefit of customers first truly understand customers No wonder Chiang Mai Direct will stand in the industry for a long time and become a favorite retailer in Chiang Mai


Contact 053-224-104 , chiangmaidirect.com

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