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“The first trade is not real. But if you buy that thing again for the 2nd and 3rd times, it’s a real deal.” This is the sentence. “Mr. Kittikasem Teekasem” Manager of J Cover Intertrade Co., Ltd. or “Jintana Canvas Nakhon Sawan” Nakhon Sawan Province Tell about the feeling after using the loan service with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank, who cares about and receives good service from the Nakhon Sawan branch staff. Presenting financial products that meet and meet the needs of SME entrepreneur



“Jintana Canvas Nakhon Sawan”, a product that meets all needs, Mr. Kittikasem tells about the history of inspiration for doing business that it was originally a wife’s business that was inherited from family. From the service of repairing the tarpaulin covering the truck only. therefore bring it further to be more comprehensive. from upstream to downstream As a manufacturer and distributor of canvas Including repairing tarpaulins, covering trucks, trailers, warehouses and warehouses. Available to cover all over the country.

“My idea is that we need to make a canvas to support the growing demand. because Thailand It is considered a large producer of agricultural products each year. when the produce comes out after harvest As a result, the demand for tarpaulins to cover the yard. Or cover the product pile has increased accordingly. Including transportation systems that use trucks to transport agricultural products to different areas must have a canvas to cover the trucks. in order to prevent product damage during transportation or unfavorable weather conditions,” Mr. Kittikasem said.



The highlight of “Jintana Canvas Nakhon Sawan” is the experience and expertise of the company with more than 30 years, together with the quality of the standard products. In addition to the production of all types of vehicle cover canvas, complete There is also a service to fix the canvas. by skilled technicians This makes the company’s products acceptable to truckers and farmers. Which is the main customer group of the company, which accounts for more than 80% of the original customer base, mainly in the northern provinces. But at present, the company has increased sales channels, expanding new markets through online, allowing products to be distributed throughout the country.



After-sales service is another important factor that helps to bind customers’ hearts. The Company’s warehouse is divided into 2 parts, the first part is a truck tarpaulin repair service and the second part is a storefront for selling new products. that can wait to receive immediately no more than 2 hours with logo screen service to customers as an advertising channel If you are a regular customer who already has a screen will be provided free of charge There is no cost. Importantly, the company is also part of taking care of road safety. with the installation of the color bar To warn cars driving behind to prevent accidents as well.

Meet every need With the production of canvas with fiber, thickness, toughness is the company’s unique formula. Makes to create a variety of products, including canvas covers ten wheels, canvas covers six wheels. Tarpaulins fish pond canvas water retention canvas Ready to fix the canvas covering the ten-wheeled truck for customers. To extend the service life and help customers reduce costs in another way, including producing according to the size that customers want The price depends on the type and the difficulty of production.



In addition, the company also manages costs. Manage materials that are cost-effective and profitable. For example, ceremonial tents are often designed in colors. When the expiration date will be converted to a new product Create added value such as sunscreen in front of the house or if it is a small piece will be sewn into a bag Make rich groceries to distribute to customers during various festivals.

Mr. Kittikasem told about the situation of COVID-19 that happened does not directly affect the company But it will be indirectly affected by more affected customers. causing credit to pay for products that some people ask for an extension of time affect the liquidity of the company as well But what happened as an entrepreneur must support each other When customers are affected we give relief.



Another aspect of the COVID-19 situation It changed the idea of ​​doing business. I admit that since the beginning of the business, I have never used any service from a financial institution. But when liquidity is affected which is necessary for entrepreneurs If you bring your own liquidity to circulate in the business can only buy a part of the product But getting support from the Bank of Thailand leads to access to funding sources. Help companies manage their business more efficiently. Among the various situations that must be faced, such as the price of oil rising raw material prices with a long repayment period encourage us to invest more in stock Have bargaining power with suppliers.



Goals and future business is to bring technology and innovation to enhance the business Because most of the company’s business uses skilled labor. which in the future may be more difficult to find, so must research and find technology to use in production Increase the quality of production more efficient and faster. to close the gap from such problems. and increase sales channels in all provinces that have not yet been reached To increase sales and revenue for sustainable business growth

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