Create dreams, start-ups, adorn the Thai rubber industry. Invite students throughout Thailand to join the SME D Scale Up Rubber HACKATHON project.

    SME D Bank continues to build on the success of the “SME D Scale Up Rubber Innovation” project with the rubber business wing with innovation. Join hands with Prince of Songkla University (MO) again Dreaming to start a rubber plantation in the “SME D Scale Up Rubber Hackathon, Wing Up, Start Up Rubber to Global”, search for students throughout Thailand, ideas for business, rubber-related Financing up to 280,000 baht per business. Open for application today until 15 May 2019.

Mr. Phongchan Samphao Ngoen, Deputy Managing Director Acting as Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank said that the bank is interested in rubber processing by innovation. Because rubber is an important agricultural product and is considered the main income of the country. From the problem of low rubber prices Increasing the value of rubber by innovation is a challenge to drive the rubber chain. Supporting SMEs and startups that are doing rubber business with strength by innovation from the “SME D Scale Up Rubber Innovation” project in the year 2018 from the cooperation between the Bank of Thailand and Prince of Songkla University (MO). From up to 12 Thai rubber innovations and the power to drive rubber processing to commercial values ​​that create more value than 43 million baht and still A further result of the continued growth abroad. Resulting in the extension of the idea of ​​molding SMEs entrepreneurs into the incubation of start-up entrepreneurs this year (2562) in order to nurture the new generation of students to expand the rubber business. By transforming creative ideas into prototype products and leading to commercialization, generating revenue, resulting in the overall economic results of the country


For the extension of the success of the development of rubber innovation this year, SME D Bank joins the Rubber Research and Innovation Development Institute. Prince of Songkla University again Open a dream project for children Students from all educational institutions nationwide Applying to join the “SME D Scale Up Rubber Hackathon Project, Wing Up, Start Up Rubber to Global” by focusing on developing knowledge and creating opportunities for establishing new business, rubber innovation for project participants. Raise the concept of business to intellectual property and promote ideas to develop commercial business through Boot Camp training to create ideas and create a network of rubber groups in the new generation of youth. And receiving coaching, expert advice from experienced experts, including senior SMEs from the “SME D Scale Up Rubber Innovation” project, with the rubber business wing, with the 1st year innovation. To help create a dream of rubber product innovation to commercialize by Pitching, winning a prize, developing prototypes and extending the business to a value of more than 280,000 baht and the opportunity to access funding sources from SME D Bank

Interested students can apply to participate in the program from today until May 15, 2019, free of charge. Can ask for more information at SME D Bank Entrepreneur Development Promotion Department Tel: 062-783-5599 or facebook: powersmethai and Line @: @ powersmethai And Rubber Research and Development Institute for Innovation Prince of Songkla University Tel. 084-198-6578

Additional information: Department of Entrepreneurial Development Promotion Department Tel. 02 265 -4494, 02 265 -3009, 02 265 -4579

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