D-Day 13 May Kick off the ”SME D Digital Market Place” project. SME D Bank and MCOT create opportunities for SMEs to trade e-commerce systems.

SME D Bank joins hands with MCOT D-Day on May 13 to launch the project “SME D Digital Market Place” to create marketing opportunities. Support SMEs in e-commerce trading Organize a heavy promotion, good time, 13.13. Shop the best items, the lowest price is only 13 baht.


Mr. Phongchan Samphao Ngoen, Deputy Managing Director Acting Managing Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that today (13 May) the bank officially launched the SME D Digital Market Place project. To help promote marketing for small SME entrepreneurs and start-up groups Trade products through digital TV channel 9, MCOT HD number 30 and e-commerce platform www.smedmarketplace.com, which is a collaboration between SME D Bank and MCOT Public Company Limited to select entrepreneurs who have outstanding products with unique and unique characteristics. from all over the country, such as rubber prayer mats for health, the brand “KAYOR” from Songkhla, the work of a passionate startup Processing rubber products, combining local wisdom, Koh Yo handwoven cloth, vegetable pellets, “BioVeggie” brand from Chiang Mai, good stuff, high value, organic vegetables from the Royal Project Foundation for health lovers. Bamboo charcoal absorbs odors, brand “Kiengmool” from Ubon Ratchathani. High-efficiency odor absorbing charcoal, the only innovation of Japanese Charcoal in Thailand. Muang Phet Dessert, the brand “Uncle Anek”, inherits the original origin from the people of Phetchaburi, bringing innovation to extend the shelf life, delivering delicious snacks conveniently to your hands. without having to buy as far as Phetchaburi and pasteurized fermented fish sauce, the brand “Plai Chawak” from Saraburi, etc.

However, on May 13, 2019, in order to launch and reward product buyers So organized a great promotion “Lucky Day” on May 13, one day, one price of 13 baht, starting from 1:13 p.m. for more than 40 participating products. both the food and beverage category health and beauty clothing and accessories Bringing together to give customers the most profitable benefits, such as Thairoyal latex rubber pillows, normal price 2,990 baht, food supplements, cordyceps plus 129 baht, Coco Dent toothpaste. Reduce inflammation in the mouth 220 baht Lutieserum 1,490 baht Pure serum 690 baht The evecosmetics puff foundation contains anti-blue light agents. The first in Thailand, 890 baht. Thai and Chinese herbal drink from Yaowarat 70 baht, Mae Kanda Hell Chili Paste 40 baht, Hongyok OTOP 5 star Chinese sausage, 160 baht, Bong pickled fish chili paste, 130 baht, Rose tea 170 baht, Macrame bag 990 baht, Q10 Plus product, Inca star bean oil 690 baht. and Qoohotel Buriram from the normal price of 1,500 baht, etc.

Interested parties can order through the platform. www.smedmarketplace.com Or download the SME D Bank application to be a channel to access good, high quality, cheap products. In addition, you can also apply for a special interest rate loan. to start a business, expand or improve a business through the SME D Bank application as well The Bank is ready to facilitate its users under the policy of knowledge and capitalization in order for SME entrepreneurs to grow stably and sustainably and move towards business operations in the 4.0 era.



Additional information: Department of Entrepreneurship Development Promotion Department Tel. 02 265 4494 , 02 265 3009 , 02 265 4579

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