D-Day 6-7 Oct. This, the Bank of Thailand, gathered volunteer employees, serving SME D Bank to the area, moving forward to bring small entrepreneurs across Thailand to access knowledge, top-up capital, cheap interest.

Dec. 6-7 Oct. This record of the history of the volunteer staff of the chariot unit to fill the capital walk all over Thailand Raised an army of 3,000 people, spreading carpets in about 400 markets across the country. Introducing small entrepreneurs using the SME D Bank platform, opening the door to access cheap interest loans, knowledge, strengthening businesses


Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank or SME Bank) revealed that on October 6-7, 2018, the bank is preparing to organize an activity “volunteer, horse-drawn carriage unit moving forward all over Thailand” which is a joint effort of all personnel of the Bank of Thailand, from executives to employees at all levels, more than 3,000 lives, divided into teams, distributed to community markets, trade sources and important economic districts in each province 4- 5 points, a total of about 400 points across the country from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM to introduce small entrepreneurs. Access to the SME D Bank platform, an application on a mobile phone that is a comprehensive service center for Thai SMEs. There are many benefits Whether it is able to apply for a special interest loan online Anytime, anywhere, such as the Boss 4.0 loan of the Ministry of Industry for legal entities Interest only 1% per annum and star economy loans for individual Or juristic persons, interest at 3% per annum, etc. In addition, the platform has more than 140 tools to strengthen the business (Tools Box), more than 2,000 e-Library, knowledge and privileges (privilege) to use. lots Help entrepreneurs who use the SME D Bank platform to grow, be strong, survive and be sustainable.

“This activity to walk around the Thai market This creates a new dimension in the work of public sector financial institutions in which all employees of the organization participate. visit various areas To introduce small entrepreneurs who are active in the market And various local economic districts recognize that the Bank of Thailand now offers the SME D Bank platform, which is extremely beneficial to his business. with loading instructions and can immediately apply for a loan online,” said the Bank of Thailand’s managing director.


Mr. Mongkol also revealed that the reason for using the activity name “Volunteer of the Horse Carriage Refueling Unit moving forward all over Thailand” due to this work, all SME employees are determined to help small entrepreneurs in various communities by using “volunteer spirit” or “public mind”, willing to work on holidays without receiving Special rewards, but everyone is still willing to do such duties. because he realizes that SMEs are the foundation of the Thai economy. In addition, the small SMEs with more than 3 million people in the past had difficulty accessing government aid measures. is therefore extremely important If it can encourage SMEs to use the SME D Bank platform, it will strengthen it. add capital to knowledge Help raise the level of Thai SME entrepreneurs across the country. and people in the surrounding communities to have a better quality of life reduce inequality It contributes to the connection to the overall economy and society of the country for strong and sustainable growth as well.


Since the launch of the SME D Bank platform in mid-July last By the end of September, there have been more than 40,000 downloads, with more than 2,000 requests for credit through the system, with an amount of more than 2,500 million baht. Invite entrepreneurs to download the SME D Bank platform at least 30 downloads, making the total amount surpass 100,000 downloads after only 4 months of launch.



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