Delighted investors, confident in buying SME bank bonds, the purchase limit is 4 times higher than selling, going forward, bringing low-interest loans to support Thai SMEs Stimulating the bustling economy.


SME D Bank delighted with 4 billion baht bonds sold out quickly The buy limit is 4 times higher than the offering price, reflecting investors’ high confidence because A. Bank guarantees both interest and interest. Ready to release low-interest loans Supporting more than 60 thousand Thai SMEs, stimulating the economy to drive nearly 300 billion baht




Mr. Pongcharn Sampha-ngern, Deputy Managing Director Acting Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME), or SME D Bank, revealed that from the second issuance of the bond, the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand in the amount of 4,000 million baht. Age 5 years 8 months, auctioned on September 2, 2019, it appears that it has received a lot of attention from investors. Sell ​​out fast The amount of the offer is 4 times more than the offer, or more than 18,000 million baht. Also, the yield of the auction is as low as 1.492%, which is lower than the coupon rate of the bonds at 2.15%. W. is confident and needs of investors very much. Due to high stability The Ministry of Finance guarantees the principal and interest. The bank also has a strong position due to the corporate credit rating, with Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Company Limited at AAA, the highest level equal to the Credit Rating of the Thai government.




This is due to the issuance of bonds The bank’s total credit line of 11,000 million baht will help strengthen the liquidity. Causing the bank to have appropriate financial costs in the long run Able to lend low-interest loans to SMEs Through the credit scheme to upgrade the community economy It is expected that by the end of this year (2019) will provide loans to SMEs in accordance with the target of 60,000 million baht to support SMEs SMEs access to more than 60,000 sources of funds to help drive Stimulate the economy in the system of nearly 300,000 million baht




For more information: Money Management Department, Sarinat Chanthanaphaibun, Tel. 02 265 4465


Ms Pakchira Suphaphattraram Tel. 02 265 4469


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