Deputy Finance Minister opens the SME D Bank booth at the Money Expo CHIANGMAI 2023, raising capital for development partners. Serving SMEs in the northern region Plus a promotion to get a free gas card worth 2,000 baht.

Mr. Kritsada Chinavicharana, Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr. Santi Viriyarangsarit Chairman of the Financial Expo Honor to visit and opened the booth of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank that attended the event. The 18th Money Expo Chiang Mai (Money Expo CHIANGMAI 2023)  at Booth No. D4  at Chiang Mai Hall, Central Chiang Mai Airport Shopping Center, Chiang Mai Province   between 10-12 November 2023  with executives. and SME D Bank officials welcomed For the said event, SME D Bank, the bank for Thai SMEs, organized the service “Top up capital for development” to strengthen SMEs in the “financial” area with special interest loan products. Maximum loan amount of 50 million baht, easy installments for up to 15 years, can be used for investment, expansion, circulation, and liquidity enhancement. Or refinance, such as SME Refinance loans, the interest rate for the first year is fixed at 2.99% per year when refinancing has been completed. You can request additional loans along with “development” through the “SME D Coach” project, providing advice from professional coaches. Free of charge Helping businesses move towards success.  In addition, very special  when applying for a loan at the event, receive immediately a Starbucks card valued at 200 baht   (limited quantity) and in the event of loan approval and contract signing. Receive a gas card worth up to 2,000 baht at Chiang Mai Hall, Central Chiang Mai Airport Shopping Center, Chiang Mai Province, on November 10, 2023.

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