Directors of SME D Bank join in visiting the booth at the event “OTOP Korat Travel” and taste and shop good things from Korat. Create income for the community

Miss Saphatphon Thammakorn Pilas Chairman of the Executive Committee and Asst. Prof. Dr. Thipawan Pinwanitkul, Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SMED Bank) or SME D Bank, honored to visit the entrepreneur product booth at the “OTOP Korat Traveling” event between 25-26 September. 2023, which is an activity organized by the bank for development, creating opportunities and upgrading the value of good local products. Aimed at distributing to the urban social market Generate income and create sustainability for the community. Within the event, there were good products at special prices brought to you to taste and shop by more than 20 vendors, such as processed products from local woven fabrics, bags, shirts, shawls, processed products from Wang Nam Khiao coffee roasting factory, skin scrubs, facial cleansing foam, shampoo, agricultural products. Agriculture: custard apple, avocado, grapes, etc.

For such activities, SME D Bank continues to organize every month. By opening the head office area to bank customers SME entrepreneurs Including the foundation and various partner agencies take turns using the sales space. There is no cost at all, helping entrepreneurs. There is additional income while consumers purchase good quality products. Complete in one point It is considered to promote economic and social growth at the household level. Leading to a happy society on September 25, 2023 at the SME D Bank Head Office Building, Bangkok.

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