Jane Nuanchan, Mrs. Jewelry Turning the crisis of covids with pestle, informing about the birth of instant papaya salad Yummy anywhere, anytime

“Je Nuanchan” Mrs. Jewelry Turning the Covid Crisis with ‘Pestleaf’
Informing the birth of “Spicy Papaya Salad”, delicious anywhere, anytime

Nuanchan Khambai, the owner of the jewelry business is another entrepreneur who has been affected by COVID-19 But she didn’t give up. Fiercely fought and turned to catch “Pestleaf”, engaged in a career selling papaya salad in front of the house. Earn money to feed the team. From that point, it turned out to be a turning point in life. create new opportunities notify the business “Som Tam Yum Instant” that today is gloriously placed in famous department stores across the country under the brand “Jue Nuanchan”

Strong girl talks about turning point in life Originally opened Kritphetchana Jewelry Shop It is one of the oth products to decorate Pathum Thani province until the epidemic of COVID-19 occurs. Jewelry classified as luxury Most people have to save. Spend only on essentials severely affected sales Fair and storefront can not open

“When there is no jewelry order Then talk to the subordinates that they will help each other earn money by selling papaya salad in front of the house. Because at least, if they can’t sell, they still have food for their subordinates to eat. In which the village has more than 400 households, while it is difficult for people to go out to buy food to eat. make sales better than expected In addition, there is a trend to spread the word through various media, the more sales are increased. There are always a lot of orders through delivery.” Khun Nuanchan revealed the reason for changing his career from a jewelry shop to selling papaya salad.

from home sales was developed to be a product How to make “Papaya Salad Instant Salad”? “Ms. Tawat Yuwansri” (Khun Nuanchan’s husband) told me that caused by customer demand In the evening after closing the shop Customers still call to order. Especially during the lockdown announcement Stores must close early Customers are even more difficult to find food to eat. cause ideas to do “Papaya salad ready-made” for sale in department stores. So that customers can buy and keep in the refrigerator. Take out and eat whenever you want. Therefore started the business of ready-made papaya salad seriously. Produced and sold under the Ancient Pickled Vegetable Company Limited, with a simple brand name. Frankly, according to the name customers often call their wives. “Jean Nuanchan”

“We started by studying by ourselves. What should I do if I want to send this type of product to a department store? Then developed to meet various standards, including production, cold storage, suitable packaging for food storage. As for the taste Live and distribute for free to people around you. Try to taste. Focus on mellow taste suitable for city people. When the taste is perfect I wrote down the weight and measure formula. to be standard No matter how many times you make it, the taste is the same,” added Mr. Nuanchan.

In order to be able to sell products in department stores, Mr. Tawat said that one of the important factors is “funding” because it is necessary to buy machines to produce products with the quality and quantity specified by the department store. In addition, various raw materials must be kept in stock. Use both packaging, stickers, etc., which the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank comes to fill capital through loans to raise the community economy. Help support the business to be able to deliver products to the mall successfully.

“Working with a department store One of the terms of the contract asked Do you have accredited financial institutions? When we first offered, we didn’t have one until when we offered the second time. Which we are SME D Bank customers, it is like a bank that helps guarantee our business Because every business, if you want to grow, you need to go with financial institutions. Depending on where the entrepreneur chooses to choose, but for us, we choose SME D Bank because the service is attentive and takes good care of us. Until today, we can now deliver products to the department store,” said Mr. Nuanchan.

Instant Papaya Salad “Jae Nuanchan” highlights the use of fresh quality ingredients and seasonings. like palm sugar, specifically from Ban Phaeo Makes it sweet and fragrant. Papaya noodles are crispy, not stingy. Currently, there are 9 products such as Thai salad, Lao salad, Korat salad, mango salad, Lao mango salad, sweet bamboo shoots, pickled fish, etc. The price is 45 baht per box, without any preservatives. The method of eating is easy. Just tear off the plastic lid and mix the ingredients like papaya, dried shrimp, peanuts and seasoning together for a delicious dish. Can be preserved in the refrigerator for about 10 days. There are sales channels through supermarkets in famous department stores across the country.

Khun Nuanchan said in the end that The Covid-19 crisis that has happened, everyone is affected. If you don’t give up, believe that there is always an opportunity. The important thing is to dare to change like yourself if you continue to sell jewelry. would definitely not survive But because he dared to come out and sell papaya salad today, he was able to step through the crisis.

Contact Ancient Pickled Vegetable Company Limited, Khlong Nueng Subdistrict, Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province
Tel.063-663-5856 , FB: Isan Ban Coin, Ancient Pickled Vegetables, Jane Nuanchan


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