Joint Statement The banking system is ready to provide financial services continuously during the COVID-19 situation

Joint Statement The banking system is ready to provide financial services continuously during the COVID-19 situation.

Bank of Thailand (BOT), Thai Bankers’ Association International bank association And the Association of State Financial Institutions would like to inform that all member banks and financial institutions are ready to take action in response to emergencies. For Business Continuity Plan so that customers and the general public can use important financial services such as deposits, withdrawals, money transfers, payments and various credit services. To help customers to increase liquidity Various measures Both for business customers And individual customers As previously announced Including the latest measures announced yesterday Which is being processed Which will be publicized in more detail

Use of the service can be conducted through various forms of channels. Both for the branch And the business credit department To open as many services as possible Including electronic channels, both ATMs and CDMs, internet banking Mobile banking Telephone banks and call centers are available 24 hours a day. People are encouraged to regularly check their financial information. And be careful of impersonating fraudulent personal and financial information such as emails, passwords for financial transactions

The bank is concerned about the health, sanitation, safety and well-being of customers, users and employees by emphasizing the strict implementation of sanitation standards of the Ministry of Public Health, such as increasing the frequency of cleaning branches. Providing space within the branch to customers not less than 1.5 meters while waiting for service (Social Distancing)

During the epidemic situation of COVID-19 affected the economy Bank of Thailand Thai Bankers Association International bank association And the association of state financial institutions Will jointly ensure that citizens are able to receive financial services And receive assistance from various government measures To mitigate the impact on life And business operations. All customers and citizens play an important role in helping to screen the information received Especially from social media channels And be careful when forwarding information that is not true To prevent panic And create misunderstandings that may occur

If there are any queries, inquiries and news and details are available at the Callcenter or every bank’s website. https://www.bot.or.th/Thai/FinancialInstitutions/PruReg_HB/Pages/CallCenter.aspx And the Bank of Thailand

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