Jones’SALAD serving healthy, delicious and fun SME D Bank joins hands to invest Installing business wings, covering carpets, expanding branches

Jones’SALAD Serves Healthy, Delicious and Fun
SME D Bank joins hands to invest Installing business wings, covering carpets, expanding branches

Cartoon character “Uncle Jones” with outstanding personality, brown hair, mustache, and overalls to give fun knowledge about health. Easy to understand through social media When combined with the deliciousness of a variety of salad vegetables that consumers can actually experience. It has become a very strong branding process for a salad restaurant. “Jones’SALAD”

And the more there is the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank, a state-owned financial institution, to be a friend along the way to take care of all the business paths from the beginning until the growth and the latest to invest as a business partner. help attach wings “Jones’SALAD” expands branches to grow to its full potential

“Ariya Khamphilo” or “Camera”, a handsome young man with a good mood. Chief Executive Officer, Jones Salad Co., Ltd. Pioneering the business “Jones’SALAD” more than 9 years ago from personal inspiration to turn to health care. until further developed into a restaurant business with premium vegetables which at that time is hard to find in the Thai market Aiming to meet the needs of the new generation And can continue to grow in the future by choosing the menu “Vegetable Salad” as the main hero of the restaurant Because the recipe for “salad dressing” came from his wife’s aunt-in-law. which is an Australian named “Uncle Jones” whose “Uncle Jones Salad Dressing” is featured as homemade. Delicate flavor, can be eaten every day, not imitated

“I chose the location and opened the first Jones’Salad store at Chamchuri Square. It was a small stall. At the time, we had very little publicity budget. So I use a simple marketing method to give customers a free lottery. Able to lose in the first 3 days, but we are confident in the taste of the salad dressing. When customers taste it and are addicted to it, come back to eat again, and spread the word, our Jones’Salad restaurant is packed with customers every day,” Khun Camera told us about the start of the business.

More difficult than notifying a business is the need to maintain a consistent and consistent level of customer popularity. Khun Camera continues to develop a comprehensive business. Upgrading products to be of better quality by paying attention to the selection of chemical-free vegetable raw materials from agricultural groups that have created networks such as Suphan Buri and Phetchabun provinces, which will be delivered fresh daily. In addition, there is a system “kitchen “Klang” is a production center that controls the quality and taste of all branches to the same standard.

One of the most important strategies for brands “Jones’Salad” is remembered and won the hearts of customers very well by using online media. especially social media as a public relations tool and create a society among people who love health with the cartoon character “Uncle Jones” as a medium of communication

Khun Camera said that he started making a Facebook fan page Jones Salad himself, even the first sketch of the cartoon character “Uncle Jones” was his own drawing. Fun health care education content and easy to understand which is very difficult But it’s a challenge that I want to accomplish.

“My dream other than doing health-related business is to create content with content that helps everyone stay healthy. reduce hospital admissions which the content that comes to make content on social media We do our homework seriously. for the audience to be useful, easy to understand and practical,” said Mr. Ariya.

With the basics of delicious food of excellent quality Engage in online marketing at the best that only the Facebook fan page Has more than 1.2 million followers (as of August 2022) pushing the business “Jones’Salad” continues to grow Currently, there are 18 branches, even during the Covid-19 situation. that cannot be opened to sit and eat in the shop still able to support the business going through hardships Because there is an online market for delivery services to compensate for the missing income.

including having a good partner is another important factor to strengthen business by “Jones’Salad” trusting the service of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank since about 7 years ago to invest in branch expansion. that has continued to receive support in other areas, such as promoting marketing, taking “Nong Fah – Phatchamon Nawakitthanakom”, the winner of Miss Tourism World Thailand 2021, acting as a public relations officer Help to increase revenue, expand the market, etc.

And most importantly, SME Bank invites you to join the “venture fund” to be a business partner. This allows businesses to move forward immediately after the Covid-19 situation has resolved, with plans to expand 2 more branches this year (2022), totaling 20 branches. gas stations and stand alone, etc.

With the trend of love health that is hot Every day consumers around the world will increase their importance. This is another great opportunity for “Jones’SALAD” that will continue to achieve more success in the future


Contact Tel. 083-535-5000 / www.jonessalad.com / FB:JonesSaladThailand

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